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Mixed Match Challenge 2 Recap & Review – Week 10

WWE Mixed Match Challenge
Season 2, Episode 10

Original Air Date: November 20, 2018
Event Date: November 20, 2018
(aired live on Facebook Watch)

City: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: Staples Center

Commentary: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Vic Joseph
Ring Announcer: Mike Rome


Kayla Braxton and Vic Joseph go over tonights matches and the current standings in the tournament. R-Truth and Carmella join them. Carmella says they are focused tonight. R-Truth is confused about where Carmella wants to go if they win and get to take a trip to anywhere in the world.

Kayla and Vic then discuss what happened to Braun Strowman on RAW. After his injury, Strowman is out of the tournament. So who will Ember Moon’s new partner in Mixed Match Challenge be?

Bobby Roode and Natalya join Vic and Kayla. Natalya knows they haven’t gotten off to a good start, but despite Roode’s bad mood, Natalya is staying positive. She thinks that they are on the same page because they both love cats so much. Roode says he’s more of a dog guy, but that’s irrelevant. Roode says he was a replacement on Team Pawz, so it’s taken time to get some team unity. Tonight will be glorious though.


Match 1
Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers vs Natalya & Bobby Roode
(referee: John Cone; stipulation: the loser is eliminated from Mixed Match Challenge)

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Result: Jinder Mahal pins Bobby Roode after The Khallas
Time: 8:07

Match Thoughts
This was a fun match. Alicia Fox and Natalya spent the majority of the match in the rng together, and they looked good. Mahal and Roode opened and closed the match, and the finish naturally involved the Singhs. I liked it, and I’m happy with the result.


Even though they won, Jinder and Alicia still can’t get along. Regardless, Jinder is excited about being number 30 in the Royal Rumble. Alicia is excited about going to Kentucky to eat some chicken.


Match 2
Carmella & R-Truth vs Lana & Rusev
(referee: Ryan Tran; stipulation: the loser is eliminated from Mixed Match Challenge)

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Result: Carmella pins Lana after a kick to the stomach
Time: 6:50

Match Thoughts
A pretty good match. This was definitely the goofy match of the night. It was nearly three minutes before any action started because there was a dance break as well as an extended tease for the dance break. Once the action started, there was a lot of running around before a rather quick finish. This was pretty fun though.


Selfie Promo
Finn Balor and Bayley are confident about their chances in the MMC playoffs.


Show Impressions
A prety good show. Not the best week for the challenge, but it was entertaining enough.

Match of the Night
Team Pawz vs Mahalicia
There was more wrestling in this one, and Alicia Fox is always fun to watch.


Official Results:https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwe-mixed-match-challenge/2018-11-20



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