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ROH TV Recap – 11/18/15

Episode #217
Aired November 18, 2015
Taped October 23, 2015

City: Kalamazoo, MI
Venue: Wings Event Center Annex

Commentary: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness
Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise


Silas Young has The Boys change a tire. They don’t do a good job. He spits in their hands and calls it “Man-itizer.”

** Meh, kind of funny I guess. Not my kind of humor I suppose. **

Intro Video


Match 1
Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser w/ The Boys vs War Machine
(referee: Todd Sinclair)

Hanson and Bruiser start the match by testing each other’s power. They run onto eac other a couple of times, neither going down. The third time Hanson puts Bruiser down. From there War Machine completely dominates the next portion of the match with their combination of strength and speed.

Bruiser attacks from behind, and he and Young gain an advantage that sees Bruiser deliver a top rope frog splash for a very close 2 count on Rowe! When Hanson gets back in he takes on Bruiser and Young by himself, clearing the ring of his opponents. The Boys interfere, trying to trip Hanson, but he pulls them in and stacks both Boys and Young in the corner for a series of strikes.

Bruiser again attacks from behind, but Rowe hits a huge delayed exploder suplex on him that sends him out of the ring. The Boys hold Rowe for Bruiser, but Bruiser ends up diving from the apron onto The Boys as Rowe gets out of the way. Back in the ring, War Machine sets up Bruiser for Fallout to end the match.

Result: Hanson pins Beer City Bruiser after Fallout (combination belly-to-back suplex and top rope leg drop)
Time: 7:33 (1 break)

** A good match with a lot of powerful moves. War Machine is impressive. They are quick for their size and pull off some entertaining spots. They pretty much dominated this match. Bruiser and Young were kind of like comedy relief, though they did get a few moves in. **


Video package of Steve Corino hitting BJ Whitmer.

Ring Area
McGuiness explains to Steve Corino that he can’t reinstate him as a commentator, but he can reinstate him as a wrestler. Corino say all he’s ever wanted to do is wrestler. But he’s older. He’s bet up. He says he needs surgery on his neck and his career is over. He goes on to thank everyone.

** I didn’t really think he’d ever get back in the ring, but it’s kind of sad to see him go. It was a good speech, but hopefully we’ll see him again after his surgery. **

Silas Young teaches The Boys to use a urinal. Meh.

Story Time with Adam Cole. He talks about his baby, the ROH Title. He complains about the list of number one contenders. He shows a clip of Strong being named number one contender for the TV Title. Cole wonders where he fits in, but he’s okay with not fitting in at all. He blames MCGuinnes for what will happen to Kyle O’Reilly.

Silas Young hands The Boys a plunger. Presumably after pooping. Hilarious…


Match 2
Michael Elgin vs Kevin Lee Davidson

Davidson goes in for a kick, but he takes a lariat. Match over.

Result: Michael Elgin wins via pinfall with a lariat
Time: 0:11

** Barely a match. Not much to say about this one. **


Ring Area
After the match, Elgin says his eyes were opened by the NJPW G1 climax. He realizes that what’s important is the ROH World Title. He makes it clear as day that when (not if) he steps into the ring with Jay Lethal, the gold will go with him.


Match 3
ROH Tag Team Title Match
The Addiction w/ Chris Sabin vs The Kingdom (Tag Champs) w/ Maria Kanellis
(referee: Paul Turner)

Daniels and Taven start. They run the ropes, and each of their partners attack form the outside. Everyone comes in and they end up with simultaneous pin attempts and a standoff. Both teams are equal so far, in ability and in cheating.


Taven uses his speed to get a near fall on Daniels, then Daniels tags Kaz. The Addiction double teams Taven to take control. Bennett then tags in and The Kingdom double teams Kaz for control and a near fall. Both teams are still equal.

Daniels tags in and he and Bennett trade shoulders in the corner. They punch each other, both winding up on the floor and both hitting a clothesline. Both men are down. Kaz and Taven both grab a belt, intending to hit the other, both men realize it, both men drop to the mat insinuating that the other used a foreign object. Back on their feet, both teams seconds trip the legal man. Both seconds are tossed form ringside.


The match has broken down a bit and all men are fighting. Bennet, Daniels, and Taven each dive to the floor in succession. Back in the ring, The Addiction hit a combination neckbreaker and powerbomb on Taven for a 2 count. Taven tosses Daniels out, allowing a combination kick and jawbreaker from The Kingdom for 2 on Kaz.

All men trade moves until Bennett misses a spear and takes out the ref. With everyone down, Maria comes back to the ring. Daniels grabs her, prompting Bennett to attack, but Bennett takes an STO. Maria then superkicks Daniels and gives him a low blow. Taven takes two knees from Kaz off of a springboard moonsault. Kaz sets up for his finisher, but a guy in a red mask comes out and superkicks him. Bennett hits a spear for the win.

Result: Bennett pins Kazarian after a spear
Time: 10:50 (2 breaks)

** This was a fun match. It went from amusing (with the mirrored moves), to silly (faking belt shots), to a fast-paced, competitive tag match. There was a lot of stuff going on here, and it was all good. **


Ring Area
War Machine stares down The Kingdom from the stage.


Show Impressions
Two fun matches make this an enjoyable show. Definitely worth a watch.

Match of the Night
The Kingdom vs The Addiction
Easily the bast match out of the three here. Two great teams kind of having fun with it for a good part of the match. Then when they got serious it was very good.



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