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Superstars Recap & Review – “Know Your Worth”

January 1, 2016
Episode 351
taped December 28, 2015

City: Brooklyn, NY
Venue: Barclay’s Center

Commentary: Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel


Intro Video
“New Day Coming” by CFO$


Match 1
Darren Young vs Adam Rose
(referee: Darrick Moore)

Rose backs Young into the corner and doesn’t give a clean break. Young starts to fight back and Rose escapes to the apron. Young follows and drops him straight down onto the edge of the ring.

Young goes for punches in the corner, but Rose drops him on the turnbuckles. Rose Rose aggressively controls the match. He lands a single-leg dropkick for a 2 count. He starts slapping Young which only makes him angry and energized. Young hits a very Rock-esque belly-to-belly and a hard forearm. Rose goes for a tornado DDT but takes a Gut Check.

Result: Darren Young wins via pinfall after a Gut Check
Time: 4:47

** Good match. Both guys were aggressive and this was pretty solid. I’d like to see Young make a good singles run given that he and Titus seem to being doing their own thing now. **


RAW Rebound
Vince getting arrested.

Cena says we should work hard in the new year.

Clips from the 6 man match on RAW.


Match 2
The Ascension vs Jack Swagger & Mark Henry
(referee: Mike Chioda)

Swagger out-wrestles Viktor a bit, but Viktor comes back with strikes. Swagger then hits a huge running clothesline, sending Viktor to the floor.


Viktor is in control after the break. Swagger quickly gets a drop toe hold and looks for the Patriot Lock. Viktor escapes and tags Konnor. The Ascension isolates Swagger and are in control. Swagger tries to get the tag but Viktor holds him back. Konnor is tagged and Swagger manages to fight off The Ascension and tag Henry.

Henry overpowers both members of The Ascension and quickly hits the World’s Strongest Slam.

Result: Mark Henry pins Konnor with a World’s Strongest Slam
Time: 6:32 (1 break)

** Okay match. Nothing wrong with it. Swagger did most of the work for his team, then Henry came in and pretty much immediately won. **


New Day resolves to have Kofi be the World Heavyweight Champ.

The Miz doesn’t need resolutions.

Replay of Cena versus Del Rio from RAW.


Show Impressions
A couple pretty good matches. Not great, but not bad. I’d like to see more of Darren Young on the big shows. Like most Superstars shows, this isn’t a must see, but it’s not a waste of time if you skip past the many replay and video segments. It’s also a quick watch that way, less than fifteen minutes.

Match of the Night
Darren Young vs Adam Rose
I think there was a bit more to this match than the tag match. A little good back and forth and some good aggression.



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