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Superstars Recap & Review – “Slater Swivel, Baby”

December 18, 2015
Episode 349
(taped December 14, 2015)

City: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: Wells Fargo Center

Commentary: Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia


Intro Video
“New Day Coming” by CFO$


Match 1
Goldust vs Adam Rose
(referee: Rod Zapata)

Show/Hide Results

Goldust starts strong, but Rose backs him into the corner and hits some strikes. Goldust fights out of the corner and chops Rose. Rose rolls to the apron and stuns Goldust on the top rope. Rose takes control of the match.

Rose slows the match down with a rear chinlock. Goldust fights out and lands a spinebuster. Goldust builds momentum and lands some mounted punches in the corner. A scoop powerslam gets Goldust a 2 count.

Rose chops Goldust’s throat and hits a slam for a 2 count. Goldust responds with a Final Cut for the win.

Result: Goldust wins via pinfall after a Final Cut
Time: 4:26

Match Thoughts
Good match. They didn’t take any time getting into it which is a little surprising with these two guys. They both looked aggressive and did a lot in the time they were given. Very little down time in this match.


Replay of New Day shaking hands with The Usos and Lucha Dragons.

Replay of the Extreme Rules match from RAW between team ECW and the Wyatt Family.


Match 2
Fandango vs Heath Slater
(referee: Dan Engler)

Show/Hide Results

Fandango looks aggressive and controls the match early with a suplex and some strikes. Fandango hits a running cross body for a 2 count. Slater responds with punches, but Fandango fights him off and lands some chops. Slater grabs the rope for a break. Slater transitions into a side headlock, but he takes a flapjack and an arm drag right after.


Fandango is in control. He suplexes Slater and rolls over into a cover for 2. Fandango sends Slater to the floor, misses a dive, and gets sent into the barricade by Slater. Slater puts on a rear chinlock in the ring. Slater hits a running knee for a 2 count. Slater is in control and takes his time.

Fandango hits a chinbreaker and follows up with strikes. A dropkick sends Slater to the floor. Fandango follows with a plancha over the ropes to the floor. He hits a heel kick for a 2 count on Slater. Fandango goes up top but Slater follows. Slater is knocked off and Fandango hits Last Dance for the win.

Result: Fandango wins via pinfall after Last Dance
Time: 8:28 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. Slater slowed the match down a little, but the match as a whole had a good build. I liked the aggression from both guys and there were some surprisingly good exchanges and transitions from both of them.


RAW Rebound featuring Reigns winning the title.


Show Impressions
Two good matches. Both of them are worth watching for sure.

Match of the Night
Fandango vs Heath Slater
I liked both matches, but this one developed a little more. I liked that there was no downtime in the first match, but the progression in the second match was a little more entertaining overall.



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