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RAW Pre-Show Recap – Slammy Awards

December 21, 2015
(aired live)

City: Minneapolis, MN
Venue: Target Center

Hosts: Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves
Backstage Interviewer: Eden Stiles


Host Segment
Renee Young, Corey Graves, and Booker T introduce the Slammy Awards, Eden Stiles, and the first award.


Slammy Award
Rivalry of the Year
(presenter: Booker T)

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt
Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins
Team Bella vs Team B.A.D. vs Team PCB
John Cena vs Rusev
Brock Lensar vs The Undertaker (W)

Paul Heyman accepts the award for Rivalry of the Year.

** Yeah, that’s pretty good.Out of the choices I would probably go with that one. **


Host Segment
More Slammy Awards were given away earlier in the day:
Best John Cena Open Challenge: John Cena vs Cesaro
Tag Team of the Year: The Usos
Hashtag of the Year: #SuplexCity

** They couldn’t even give the tag team of the year time on the show? Kind of shows what they think of tag team wrestling. **

Slammy Award
Best Original Network Show
(presenter: Corey Graves)

Breaking Ground
Table For 3
Stone Cold Podcast (W)
WWE 24

Corey Graves announces the winner and accepts the awards on Stone Cold’s behalf.

** Easily the best show from the choices given. When I started watching the Stone Cold Podcast I watched all of them pretty much in a row. **


Host Segment
More awards from earlier:
Celebrity Moment of the Year: Stephen Amell
Tell Me I Didn’t Just Say That Moment of the Year: Suplex City

Host Segment
Graves and Booker T both think that Sasha Banks will win Diva of the Year. Renee introduces the next Slammy.


Slammy Award
Double-Cross of the Year
(presenter: Booker T)

John Stewart
Damien Mizdow (W)
Randy Orton

The Miz accepts the Slammy, Sandow mimics him and takes the Slammy from him.

** It’s really good to see Damien. He really needs to be on TV. He seemed either a little frustrated or anxious to get back on TV in the way he talked during this segment. **


Slammy Award
Extreme Moment of the Year
(presenter: Corey Graves)

Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker (locker room clearing brawl)
Luke Harper (powerbombing Dean Ambrose through a ladder)
Seth Rollins (breaking Cena’s nose)
Roman Reigns (snapping and attacking Triple H at TLC) (W)
Neville (dive from ladder in ring to floor)

Booker T accepts the award on Reigns’ behalf.

** Reigns couldn’t take one minute to accept the award in the back? Lame. Also, Graves said it was for spearing Bray Wyatt, but that’s not what they showed in the nomination video. **



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