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Main Event Recap & Review – “White Snowflake”

January 19, 2016
Episode 173
(taped January 19, 2016)

City: Dayton, OH
Venue: Nutter Center

Commentary: Rich Brennan, Jerry Lawler
Ring Announcer: Eden Stiles


Intro Video
“On My Way” by CFO$


Match 1
The Ascension vs Mark Henry & Jack Swagger
(referee: John Cone)

Show/Hide Results

Henry and Viktor start. Henry pushes Viktor down, Viktor throws a tantrum then tags Konnor. Konnor strikes Henry to no effect. Konnor gets driven into the corner and Swagger tags in. Konnor drives Swagger into the corner and tags Viktor.

The Ascension makes some quick tags and are in control of the match. Swagger is in trouble. He manages to put Konnor into a Patriot Lock, but Viktor gets the ref to look over at Henry and uses the distraction to enter the ring and attack Swagger.


Viktor is in control of Swagger and The Ascension continues to dominate. Swagger manages to push Konnor to the floor, but before he can make the tag to Henry Konnor runs in and whips him to the corner. Swagger rebounds out of the corner with a clothesline and both men are down. Both men tag.

Henry comes in and overpowers Viktor. He lands a running poweslam but Konnor breaks up the ppin. Swagger takes out Konnor, then Henry catches Viktor as he attempts a cross body and drops him in a World’s Strongest Slam.

Result: Mark Henry pins Viktor after a World’s Strongest Slam
Time: 7:29 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match, though it did feel a lot like last week’s match. Swagger was in peril for a good portion of the match and they even re-used some spots like Swagger getting a sunset flip but not seeing the tag made by The Ascension. Still , it was a fun match and further cemented my call for this team to get some recognition on the main shows.


Jojo welcomes the Social Outcasts. Adam Rose has nicknames for everyone. Axel doesn’t like being called a “white snowflake” though. Bo calms him down and says they are all friends. They will win the Royal Rumble match together. They then argue a little about who would be champ if they won.

Jojo asks them about their match tonight against the Dudley Boyz, a veteran team. Dallas says the Social Outcasts are not a team, they are a family.

** Dallas’ point seems to be rendered moot by the fact that the Dudley Boyz are a family too. **


Match 2
Neville vs Tyler Breeze
(referee: Mike Chioda)

Show/Hide Results

They tie up and wind up in the corner. Breeze rakes Neville’s eyes and superkicks him out of the corner. He goes for a quick and aggressive cover but only gets a 2. Breeze has quickly taken control of the match.

Breeze has Neville in a front facelock but Neville fights to his feet and suplexes Breeze. He follows up with kicks, a flapjack on the ropes, and another kick. Neville gets a 2 count.

Neville goes up top but Breeze moves away. Breeze winds up in the electric chair, gets thrown, but lands a kick on Neville. 2 count for Breeze. Breeze takes him time before capitalizing and takes some strikes from Neville. Neville goes to the top and gets kicked. He goes for a hurricanrana but Neville hangs onto the top rope. With Breeze on the mat, Neville hits Red Arrow for the win.

Result: Neville wins via pinfall with Red Arrow
Time: 4:51

Match Thoughts
Really good match. It started off very strong with a very aggressive Breeze. That set the tone of the match: hard hitting and fast. The momentum shifted a few times and it was very believable. There were a few near falls that really felt like they could have been finishes. These guys worked really well together. I’d like to see a feud develop from this pairing.


Royal Rumble by the numbers.


Match 3
Dudley Boyz vs Curtis Axel & Heath Slater w/ Bo Dallas, Adam Rose
(referee: Jason Ayers)

Show/Hide Results

Slater and D-Von tie up. Slater swivels and takes some clotheslines and a hip toss. D-Von hits a dropkick and tosses Slater into the corner. D-Von hits a powerslam then tags Bubba. Bubba hits a stalling suplex for a 2 count on Slater. Bubba misses an elbow drop which gives Slater time to tag Axel.

Bubba tags D-Von who controls Axel. The Dudleys hit a combination neckbreaker and send the Outcasts to the floor.


The Outcasts have Bubba in their corner but he quickly fights out and tags D-Von. Dallas and Rose pull a table out from under the ring. Slater and Axel use the distraction to attack the Dudleys from behind. They celebrate with a victory lap. Slater gets back into the ring and keeps D-Von down on the mat. The Outcasts make tags to isolate D-Von.

D-Von gains some space and time by hitting a spinebuster on Slater. Both men tag. Bubba comes in strong and slams Axel as he climbs the ropes. Bubba hits a big boot on Axel and a Bionic Elbow on Slater. He hits a side slam on Axel then slams Slater. D-Von hits What’s Up on Slater. The Dudleys are in control. They call for tables.

D-Von leaves the ring and gets surrounded by Dallas and Rose. Bubba watches and Axel runs up from behind to put him in a schoolboy for the win.

Result: Curtis Axel pins Bubbay Ray Dudley with a schoolboy
Time: 9:15 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. The Social Outcasts were really fun and though they showed obvious weaknesses, they worked well as a team. The Dudley Boyz showed some blatant weaknesses too. Like, why do they always call for tables but have no real intention of getting them? Besides, they’d lose the match if they actually did use a table. So why?


Show Impressions
I think last week’s show was a little better, but this was good. I would have liked to have seen a segment where they set up the main event, but I suppose the Outcasts backstage promo was enough.

Match of the Night
Neville vs Tyler Breeze
I really liked the aggression and the flow of the match. It was very well done and they put as much into the match as they could in under five minutes. The main event match was good, but both teams had moments where it didn’t seem like they were really trying to win. And the opening tag match was good, but it felt a little too much like something we’ve seen before (as in last week).



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