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WHS #62 – Pecking Order Program

Welcome back to the Wrestling House Show! It’s been a while… both Joey and myself hope that those of you reading this have missed the show as much as we have! As you can see some changes have been made to the site. The changes don’t stop there though, we’re tweaking the show a little bit as well in an effort to keep our content as fresh and entertaining as you’ve come to expect. More than ever we’re striving to be as interactive as possible including a new Twitter page and the long promised Facebook page (still coming very soon). Please let us know what you think of everything we’re doing, good and bad, and keep checking back here as we continue to grow!

For now please enjoy the latest installment of my sometimes informative, often random show notes for our latest episode where we talk about our adventures in San Antonio at the TLC pay per view and weigh in with our thoughts on the 2009 Slammies!

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Chair of ropes

Super Mario Brothers!
…and on the Wii!

Who is the king of the Ladder Match?
Money in the Bank has to be included
So do TLC matches

Guide to Transylvania!
Major in Vampirism!

The ice hockey assist rule
It’s not a skirt… really

Repertoire, y’all

A major Dublin street fight

To curry favor
Not this curry…
…or this one

Isn’t it ironic?

More entertaining than Michael Cole?
Oh my

Richie Steamboat

The new Kato

This one’s for us

This year at the Oscars… a battle royale where the winner receives the Best Actor Oscar!!

There you have it.  Let us know what you think!  Email us!