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Main Event Recap & Review – “Don’t Go Against The Grain”

February 2, 2016
Episode 175
(taped February 2, 2016)

City: Memphis, TN
Venue: FedEx Forum

Commentary: Rich Brennan, Jerry Lawler
Ring Announcer: Eden Stiles


Intro Video
“On My Way” by CFO$


Match 1
The Usos & Prime Time Players vs Stardust & The Ascension & Tyler Breeze
(referee: Jason Ayers)

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Result: Titus O’Neil pins Stardust with Clash of the Titus
Time: 9:12 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
This was a fun match. Everybody got to do a little something in the match and the action never really slowed down. The final segment of the match was fun and had an extended sequence where one of the Usos was trying to make a tag. It was well done. I liked Titus throwing Breeze into Stardust as well.


Jojo asks Tamina and Naomi if they can justify attacking Sasha Banks. Naomi says Sasha betrayed them, not the other way around. Tamina says that baby birds who fly high crash hard. Naomi says she and Tamina never needed Sasha.


Match 2
Jack Swagger vs Fandango
(referee: Darrick Moore)

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Result: Jack Swagger wins via submission with the Patriot Lock
Time: 3:01

Match Thoughts
An okay match, but it was short and really did feel rushed. The match they had on Superstars a little over a week ago was better.


WWE celebrates Black History Month with a look at Mark Henry’s career.

** Mark is one of those guys that seems like a genuinely great person. As a fan who has seen pretty much his entire WWE career, I’m very happy for what he has accomplished. I was kind of back and forth on liking him in the ring for years, but the stuff that he did in WWE’s ECW really made me like him a lot, and I’ve liked him ever since. **


Match 3
Paige & Natalya vs Naomi & Tamina
(referee: Ryan Tran)

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Result: Naomi makes Natalya submit with a headscissors crucifix choke
Time: 10:24 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. It was a decent length and hard fought. Paige was isolated by Naomi and Tamina for a good portion of the match and Natalya’s hot tag was exciting. I really wasn’t sure who was going to win this match which made it very interesting. I had a good idea, but the way they did the match really made me feel like I was wrong up until the end.


Show Impressions
Main Event seems to make a habit of good matches bookending an okay or average one. This show was the same. I really did like the main event of the show. It felt important, like it was actually building characters rather than just passing time between RAWs.

Match of the Night
Paige & Natalya vs Naomi & Tamina
Any match that can keep me guessing and feels important is good. This match did those things. It was engaging and was a far superior match to the others on the show.



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