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SmackDown Recap & Review – Episode 879

June 23, 2016
(taped June 21, 2016)

City: Tucson, AZ
Venue: Tucson Convention Center

Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Byron Saxton, David Otunga
Ring Announcer: Jojo


Clips from Money in the Bank and RAW featuring Dean Ambrose as the new champ and the setup for the triple threat title match at Battleground.

Intro Video
“Black and Blue” by CFO$

Ring Area
Seth Rollins heads to the ring. He says that everyone’s parents are big fat liars for saying we can achieve anything we work hard for. He set out to reclaim his title, but Dean Ambrose stole it from him. He wants to prove that he is more of a man than Dean Abrose and issues an open challenge to prove it. Sami Zayn heads to the ring.

Rollins thinks Zayn is the perfect person for him to make an example of. Ambrose then heads to the ring and sets up an impromptu Ambrose Asylum. Rollins isn’t happy. Zayn is. Ambrose’s first question is to ask Rollins why he’s being such a jackass. Rollins gets upset and leaves.


Match 1
Alberto Del Rio vs Cesaro
(referee: Rod Zapata)

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Result: Cesaro wins via pinfall after a Neutralizer
Time: 6:38 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Pretty good match with a good finish. When the match started it felt like it was going to be a little bit of an abridged version of a match, but after the commercial break they were able to take their time a little better.


Match 2
Sheamus vs Apollo Crews
(referee: Jason Ayers)

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Result: Sheamus wins via countout (after Brogue Kicking Crews into the ring steps on the outside)
Time: 3:57

Match Thoughts
An okay match. Crews showed his impressive agility (as usual), but there wasn’t much to the match. This was a way for Sheamus to get a win back without actually pinning or submitting Crews.


The Club are happy with themselves, then The Usos come up and Jimmy challenges AJ Styles.


Match 3
Jimmy Uso w/ Jey Uso vs AJ Styles
(referee: Mike Chioda)

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Result: AJ Styles wins via pinfall after a Phenomenal Forearm
Time: 6:01 (started in progress)

Match Thoughts
Good match. I don’t think the winner was ever in question, but Jimmy held his own pretty well.


Match 4
The Vaudevillains vs New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E w/ Xavier Woods) (Tag Champs)
(referee: Darrick Moore)

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Result: Kofi Kingston pins Simon Gotch after Midnight Hour
Time: 2:28

Match Thoughts
Pretty good match. Not quite a squash, but it was fairly close. I think The Vaudevillains might need to head back to NXT to regroup.


Ring Area
After the match, The Wyatt Family appears on the Tron. Bray tells New Day that they made a mistake by confronting him on RAW.

Life Lessons with Coach Backlund
Backlund wants to review Darren Young’s goals. Young wants to main event Wrestlemania. Backlund wants to make the “New Era” the “Darren Young Era.”

Greg Hamilton welcomes Sami Zayn and asks him about his backstage brawl with Owens on RAW. Zayn says that he accepted Rollins’ challenge because he wants to move on and make a statement.

Renee Young asks Dana Brooke and Charlotte about Sasha Banks. Charlotte says Sasha will bow down to her.


Match 5
Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte (Women’s Champ)
(referee: Ryan Tran)

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Result: Dana Brooke wins via pinfall with a small package
Time: 1:20

Match Thoughts
Not a great match. It was too short.


Ring Area
Charlotte gets in the ring and attacks Becky, then Sasha Banks comes out and heads to the ring. Charlotte backs away, but Dana Brooke takes the Bank Statement.

Seth Rollins encounters Dean Ambrose on the way to the ring. They walk together for a while.


Match 6
Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn
(referee: Rod Zapata; guest commentary: Dean Ambrose)

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Result: Seth Rollins wins via pinfall after a Pedigree
Time: 8:03 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. Fast-paced, and Zayn could have believably pulled off a victory. I look forward to more of this in the future when Rollins is done with the Ambrose/Reigns stuff.


Show Impressions
This was a pretty good show, but it didn’t feel like much really happened. So really, there’s not a lot to comment on. Oh yeah, David Otunga was okay on commentary, but I would’ve been okay with just Saxton and Ranallo with the call.

Match of the Night
Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn
They’re sure to have even better matches in the future, but this was a good main event. Definitely worth watching.



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