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WHS #65 – The Power of Music

In episode 65 of Wrestling House Show, Joey and I talk about Mike Tyson, the current tournament to crown a new Diva’s Champion, how The Great Khali complimented Vickie Guerrero and how The Miz gave the best promo last week.  We also reveal how Tyson beat Bret Hart and reveal the possible future return of one of the WWE’s most popular women!  We also branch out a little more than usual and talk about Ring Of Honor and even a little lucha libre!  Amazing!  Plus we bring back one of our favorite segments, Five Rumors in Five Minutes!

Listen to the show:

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I can guarantee she wouldn’t get hurt on our House Show!
A different kind of Diva Tournament

HBK in recent weeks…

Now YOU can beat Mike Tyson, too!
Get some pointers…
…or you can just cheat.

“Bury the hatchet”
Keep up with Tyson!

Drew needs to study!
Is Tiffany a follower of a dying trend?

Where JBL is hanging out these days…

Apparently Maria didn’t learn much of anything here.

Holy Cow!
Blessed Bovines!

Not this Super Nova
Or this one

Classic Wrestling House Show with the DJ Gabriel bit – #31 “A Lot Long Time”

How I Met Your Mother

Returning to the WWE?

ROH on YouTube
ROH Wrestling

Wrestle Reunion

Robert Carradine

Final Solution

Faby Apache
Sexy Star

So this is what Booker T is up to…

Cheerleader Melissa
Sara Del Rey
Daizee Haze

Wrestling Hall Of Fame

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Now you’re playing with power!