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205 Live Recap & Review – Episode 23

May 2, 2017
Episode 23
(aired live)

City: Fresno, CA
Venue: Save Mart Center

Commentary: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves
Ring Announcer: Greg Hamilton


Ring Area
We join SmackDown Live, well, live, while Tom Phillips and JBL discuss the attack that Kevin Owens just perpetrated on Chris Jericho. Jericho is helped to the back and 205 Live starts.

On RAW last night, TJ Perkins questioned Neville’s actions at Payback. Later that night, Austin Aries defeated TJP, but Perkins attacks Aries’ knee after their match.

Intro Video
“Hail to the Crown” by CFO$ featuring From Ashes to New


Match 1
TJ Perkins vs Lince Dorado
(referee: Dan Engler)

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Result: TJ Perkins wins via submission with a knee bar
Time: 7:01

Match Thoughts
Good match. There were a few moments when Lince and Perkins didn’t quite seem to hit a move exactly like they wanted (like a top rope moonsault double stomp from Dorado that ended up being more of a halfway double knee drop), but it all still worked. I really liked the combination of Perkins’ aggression and Dorado’s speed and agility.


Earlier today, Corey Graves sat down with The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick feels insulted by Akira Tozawa. He’s known Tozawa for years and wanted to help him once he got to WWE, but Tozawa thinks he knows it all. Just like “all these young guys.” As he’s talking, Tozawa appears and kicks Kendrick in the head. This is lesson number five for Kendrick: “always end an interview with an impact.”


Match 2
Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak
(referee: Charles Robinson)

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Result: Drew Gulak wins via pinfall after getting the knees up when Ali went for a top rope frog splash
Time: 5:03

Match Thoughts
Good match. I’m not a huge fan of Gulak’s gimmick (I think it’s a bit cheesy), but it works very well for making Gulak interesting in the ring. I’ve liked Gulak, but this gimmick gives him a clear purpose and helps add interest in everything he does in the ring. I think that works very well in moments like in this match where Gulak simply grabbed Ali’s leg to prevent him from going to the top rope. I look forward to more matches between these two.


Ring Area
Dasha Fuentes enters the ring and asks Gulak about the match. Gulak says this is vindication for his campaign. High flying doesn’t work. Ali’s loss is an example of that. What Gulak does works, and that’s why he’s the future of 205 Live.

A highlight package of the relationship between Alicia Fox and Noam Dar, and of Rich Swann breaking them up.


Match 3
Rich Swann vs Noam Dar
(referee: Danilo Anfibio)

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Result: Noam Dar wins via pinfall after a running enzuigiri
Time: 13:19

Match Thoughts
After a bunch of side headlocks and a nasty looking half-tackle thing early in the match, this main event got really good. Dar eventually started working on Swann’s arm in a very convincing fashion. There’s were some nice near-submissions, and even though Swann’s arm didn’t necessarily play a direct role in the finish, it certainly helped them get to that point. I don’t feel like this feud is over, and I’m totally cool with that if we get to see more matches like this.


Ring Area
After the match, Alicia Fox heads to the ring. Alicia looks happy, but Dar looks confused. After a moment, Dar embraces Fox. Apparently they are back together.


Show Impressions
It wasn’t the best episode of 205 Live, but I still enjoyed it. The matches were all good. Nothing spectacular, but good and easily worth watching.

Match of the Night
Rich Swann vs Noam Dar
As I was watching, early in the match I thought Ali and Gulak would be the best of the night. But Swann and Dar turned it around and created a compelling main event.



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