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WHS #66 – Is It Safe?

So we’ve been told by some of our loyal listeners that part of the appeal of our show is that we continue to watch TNA regardless of how good or how horribly terrible it is. We watch TNA so you don’t have to. So now it’s one month after Hogan returned to change the face of professional wrestling… is it safe to start watching iMPACT again? I guess you’ll have to listen to episode 66 to find out!

Not only do we talk about the latest (and lamest) version of the Montreal Screw Job that took place in TNA but we also talk about who Flair is grooming to be the next Nature Boy and why it’s completely idiotic. After we get that off of our chests Joey catches us up with a lengthy ROH update, we both brainstorm on how to get Vladimir Kozlov over, speculate on Santino’s upcoming sitcom, mention some new women’s wrestling organizations starting up this year and lots more.

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The Young Bucks (Generation Me)
Genesis results


Maybe Hall and Pac can look here for some new competition…

I think we share a brain.

They could have just written “TNA writing staff” and saved the web space on this page.


“God first, family second and then my job.” Does this sound like a Nature Boy?

A Day in the Life

D’Angelo Dinero

“Down to a tee”

What if…

Santino’s sitcom

Alex Koslov

Coming to TV finally!
…and on Facebook.

Pro Wrestling Eve – Women’s wrestling in the UK

Steve Corino has never had to worry about this.

follow Daniels
and Colt Cabana


ROH TV Title Tournament

That’s it for this one. Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for listening! Keep spreading the word about the show and if you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter! The Facebook page is also up now finally. There’s not much on it yet best rest assured more is to come!