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WHS #67 – Bull Crapish

First off I just want to say sorry for the delay between episodes. Episode 67, “Bull Crapish”, may be a tad bit dated by the time you get to listen to it but hey, we’re still the most entertaining hour or so in the online wrestling world! Here’s the episode description:

In this episode Joey and chris finally respond to some very much overdue listener email where they discuss various topics such as the whereabouts of Jody Fleisch and what could be the worst (and most improperly labeled) action figure ever put out by the WWE. They also talk about WWE possibly taking a page out of the book of ROH, why Rey Mysterio is still awesome, who looks good bald, a great RAW guest host and what Joey will do when he finally gets the opportunity to be the guest host of RAW. All this plus the worst wrestler currently holding a title, sending people to Mexico, Five Rumors In Five Minutes, and a Royal Rumble recap where they point out the best sign of the night… maybe the best sign of the year!

Listen to the show:

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What exactly is “Straight Edge” anyway?

Jody Fleisch

Not a fan of this guy… no matter where he shows up.
Uh… huh?

Click here only if you like your wrestling absolutely intense!
Hailey Hatred

Eddie Fatu

Joey’s grand vision for his guest host spot on RAW

A funny man
A funny show

The next big thing in Mexico?

Michelle McCool

That does it for this installment. Expect episode 68 before the week is over and then it’s back to our regular schedule. We’ve got lots of good things coming up including our report of a great independent show we went to this past weekend where I finally got to see and meet the best female wrestler in the world today! (at least that’s my humble opinion)