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WHS #68 – Pontificating on Satan

What?! Another show already?! Yep, we’re catching back up so you get episode 68 hot on the heels of 67. This one is entitled “Pontificating On Satan” and is still a great listen even though we recorded it before the debut of NXT. In it we speculate on what exactly WWE NXT will be and give our opinions on where we think every single person on the roster should go. Did WWE go with our suggestions? You’ll have to listen to find out.

We also answer some more listener mail dealing with the new exclusive contract that Davey Richards signed with ROH and what that means for DGUSA and Evolve, who was released from TNA that we really don’t care much about, who retired that we DO care a lot about, and 5 Rumors In 5 Minutes containing backstage shenanigans in TNA, HBK taking time off and a possible (and worthy) future Hall of Famer. It’s also time for more fun with PWI as we talk about the year end issue and what the general public has deemed the best of 2009.

Finally we talk about a show taking place in Cleveland that we wish we could go to and wonder why the WWE keeps referring to the Elimination Chamber as “Satan’s Structure”.

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Once again, keep up with ROH!
…because you won’t be seeing Davey Richards here.
…or here.

His matches will be missed.
The inspiration for the wrestler?


I like this movie, I don’t care what anyone says.
Joey likes this one… I’ve resisted it up until this point.
Lots of WWE guys in this one for some reason.

WWE Tough Enough

“Rapid Delivery” Rory Fox

Free Agency. You kind of get to choose… but the team has to want you first.

Beretta… not Barreta

Fun With PWI, again.
JT Flash
Brittney Savage
Mike Sydal

Kewpie Doll

Protect yourself from terrible wrestling feuds!

Go to the Jack Of All Trios Tournament!! Absolute Intense Wrestling!

So with that, another episode comes to an end. Come back next time for a show containing our experience at a fabulous independent show in Texas featuring no less than two present or former ROH competitors. What number are we thinking of? Sixty nine, dudes! (If you don’t recognize that I just quoted Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure then you should be ashamed… and you should go watch it right now.)