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WHS #73 – In Your Face

Sorry for the delay in getting episode 73 out but we had some technical difficulties that should be worked out now. It may be a few weeks late but in our latest episode we follow up on our previous show and find out whether Joey or I managed to claim bragging rights!

In our seventy third episode, titled “In Your Face”, we review the entire Bragging Rights PPV, catch up on NXT, wonder why the Freebird Rule isn’t being used with Nexus, talk about one of the worst television segments in recent memory, and actually praise TNA for one of their story lines! All this plus listener email where Raw GM speculations are made and we wonder “what if” about Kerry Von Erich.

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This is a cougar.
This is a leopard. Note the spots.
“Leopard” on Urban Dictionary
Cat fight!

WWE Power 25
The Freebird Rule

Goldust and Aksana could be in trouble…
They should probably prepare for this.
Lithuanian marriage traditions.

Why can’t relationships last? It makes me sad…
Wrestling and Romance
There are at least three things I love about this.

Jamaican tea bags
Jamaican tea fights AIDS!

Worst female wrestler ever?

I don’t care if you’re feeling bad, don’t call your mom during a match!

May not be SoCal Val but I think this is a suitable substitute.

Sports Legacy Institute

You are missed, Kerry Von Erich

There you have it, the return of my sometimes nonsensical but almost always entertaining show notes! Look out for episode 74 very soon!