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Mixed Match Challenge Recap & Review – Week 2

WWE Mixed Match Challenge
Week 2

Original Air Date: January 23, 2018
Event Date: January 23, 2018
(aired live on Facebook watch)

City: Washington D.C.
Venue: Capital One Arena

Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Beth Phoenix
Ring Announcer: Greg Hamilton


Carmella and New Day talk about the charity they’re wrestling for, KaBOOM.

The Miz speaks in Japanese. Asuka gives him two thumbs up.

Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan thank everyone for making the first week of the Mixed Match Challenge a success.


Match 1
Mixed Match Challenge First Round Match
Carmella & Big E
w/ Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods vs Asuka & The Miz (IC Champ)
(referee: Mike Chioda; watching in the back: Rusev, Lana)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Asuka forces Carmella to submit to a cross arm breaker
Time: 9:45

Match Thoughts
Pretty good match. There was a bit of silliness in the first few minutes, then it got serious as Miz fought Big E. Everyone kind of seemed to be waiting for Asuka to take on Carmella, and that’s ho the match finished. There wasn’t a whole lot to the match, but I liked it alright.


Braun Strowman is looking forward to destroying Sami Zayn, and Alexa Bliss is going to give Becky Lynch a “lass kicking.”

Sami and Becky each have a plan for next week, though they’re unsure of who’s plan to follow.

Ring Area
Renee Young congratulates Asuka and The Miz. Asuka speaks in Japanese, and The Miz “translates.” He says that Asuka has learned more about being a champion from The Miz than anyone else in her entire life. Miz and Asuka will dominate the Mixed Match Challenge because they are “awe-suka.”


Show Impressions
This was fine. I’d like to see more interaction between the men and women, but it was fine.



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