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WHS #75 – Fun With Lists

Sorry it’s taken so long but the holidays have been crazy for Joey and myself. Fear not though, we’re back and our New Year’s resolution is to stick to a more regular schedule in 2011! We start off the year by looking back at the best 25 matches in the WWE as listed on WWE.com. Are they right? Listen and find out!

We also discuss the releases of Kaval and MVP, Joey points out the lack of diversity in the TNA Knockouts division with the losses of some amazing ladies, and I have a way to book iMPACT! so people would actually want to watch it! And talk about it! Really!!

Listen to the show:

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I got this for Christmas!

Funny that he’s gone back to Low Ki but his site URL still says Kaval.

Some Iron Man Match history.
I love this game, much better than watching TNA.

“The writing is on the wall.”
This link actually has the verse where the phrase originated.

Top 25 matches of 2010
Joey was close

Do you agree with the WWE’s list? Let us know! And here’s to a great year of pro wrestling!