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WHS #76 – A Tree in the Woods

We’re back with the second episode of 2011 and this time we bring you a jam packed show that’s a perfect transition into the new year! We break down the Year End Awards for 2010 from the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and discuss which awards were valid and which ones were not so much.

Before we put the last year behind us though we discuss the first two weeks of wrestling on TV this year! Who was the first face we saw on WWE TV and what ill omens (if any) does it hold for the coming year? Was the first match of the year memorable? What’s the deal with Randy Orton? Who can we guarantee won’t be winning the Royal Rumble? What could have made CM Punk’s latest role even more awesome? Is Wade Barrett going to be okay on his own? Who’s picking up where Kaval left off (and succeeding where he didn’t)? Is the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame this year a deserving one? Why do people like RVD so much? What do street gangs and religion have in common?

We give you the answers to all of these questions and more that you never thought to ask in episode 76 of Wrestling House Show!! Plus the return of some of our favorite sepments: Match of the Week and chris’s Best Week/Worst Week!

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Yeah, I kind of looked like this when I turned on Raw on January 3. (shocked and appalled, not retarded)
And this is how I felt.

Orton vs. Foley highlights from Backlash 2004

Hold it in, Joey
“Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love”
I have this same question about Orton…

New Tomb Raider!
My favorite Lara Croft. Sorry Angelina.

Is Nexus a street gang?
Or a bad religion? (No, not the band)
Or is Nexus a cult? (All of the above in their current incarnation I’d say)
To be fair, in defense of religion

Order this and tweet a picture of yourself wearing it to @ZackRyder to get a free autograph from the Long Island Iced Z himself! #WWWYKI

I don’t see “attack the biggest guy in the joint” anywhere on here.

And I’m supposed to care about this guy why?


A real life inspiration.

Every time Edge returns from injury this is what he looks like.

Check out the Bryan Danielson vs. Shingo match on the Enter The Dragon DVD. Then check out everything else. Seriously.

Thank you, typo machine!
I find this very entertaining as well.

How to be just like Randy Orton and impress your friends!!

Moss Covered Three Handled… etc

RVD’s demographic? Well, yeah. Others too, but definitely this.

So what do you think of PWI’s awards? Agree? Disagree? Let us know!