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WHS #77 – The State of the TNA Union

So who really watches TNA anymore? Not me! But Joey does so this is my way of catching up with the wacky shenanigans going on in the Impact Zone without actually having to sit through an entire episode! Which would you rather do, watch two mind numbing hours a week or catch up on an entire month of TNA with just over an hour of The Wrestling House Show? There isn’t even a choice!

Plus not only do we catch you up on what you need to know about TNA, but Joey brings back 5 Rumors in 5 Minutes with some Rumble rumblings! Listen now!!

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“Run Sheet”

Even just the thought of TNA gives me this

Buy this!

A list of former WWE guys in TNA

Kennedy vs Michaels is great!!
Why you should chew gum!
Also this!
“How was gum invented” you ask?

Former WWE wrestlers should read this before cutting promos…

Fun with Math! (Randy Orton’s greatest opponent!!!)

Where is she!?
Winter = Bloody Mary


Shark Boy!
Angle Foods


Look like Matt Hardy! Be edgy and dark and stuff!
Man, Matt Hardy is so smart. I feel so used. Serves me right for having an opinion.

Listen to this… after you listen to us.

Learn how to write for a pro wrestling rumor page!!!

Worth more than a WWE Hall of Fame ticket?

The return of Randy Savage!


So should I go to see two Dragon Gate USA shows or one DGUSA show and the WWE HoF? What do you think?