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SMACKDOWN! random thoughts 2.4.11

My wrestling prayers have been answered, BOOKER T IS BACK IN THE BOOTH! Can you dig it?!

Aw man but why is Cole still there. That means Striker better be on RAW this Monday or I’m cracking skulls.

As Chris mentioned earlier, what a Vince Russo match we got in the main even tonight. They just said in the 3 on 2 Edge & Kelly Kelly Kelly vs. Dolph & Lay-Cool, even if one of Lay-Cool pins Kelly then Dolph wins the title. That would kill Dolph’s credibility to win it that way.

Elimination Chamber qualifier #1 (Edge and Dolph are already in) Drew vs. Kofi, I’m picking Kofi.

So in the same week that Kevin Nash/Diesel returns, Drew rips off his picture frame hand gesture setting up a move, ha!

So let me get this straight, Jerry Lawler won’t win his title match at the PPV because he slept in an airport chair for 8 hours? There’s some Michael Cole logic for you……sheesh with a major eye roll.

Wow! so Alberto distracts Kofi on the tron which allows Drew to set up Kofi in a future shock DDT for the win. I guess there’s going to be a Kofi/Alberto match at the PPV. I’m cool with that and I don’t mind Drew winning the match. Alright here’s my new prediction in fantasy booking. Alberto beats Kofi at the Chamber PPV for the IC title then Edge retains his title at Mania. I would really hate to see Edge lose at Mania for the 4th time in a row. He hasn’t won one since beating Mick Foley at 22 and I think that’s the best scenario.

Qualifier #2, Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio (picking Swagger for the upset due to Cody Rhodes interference)

I hate commercial breaks 2 minutes in to the start of the match WTH?!

And Rey wins! Ok so I am 0 for 2 tonight but how much fun is Booker T’s analysis? Chris will be happy, he’s not showing any signs of ‘Black Snow’.

I think we all missed the biggest issue here regarding the Hornswoggle pinata segment, Rosa gets TV time!

“Vickie can’t give out any more byes into the Chamber match” Ok Michael Cole, well then why didn’t she feed JTG to Chavo so he WOULD qualify. Clearly she doesn’t really want him in now does he? Poor Chavo, his theme song should be the Price is Right losing tuba song.

Qualifier #3 Big Show vs. (Let‘s Go) Wade Barrett

….and Wade Barrett gets his 2nd title *phew*!

You know I don’t typically like big men matches but I think Ezekial Jackson vs. Big Show would be watchable. Looking like it will be at Elimination Chamber or else we won’t get that New Nexus vs Corre 8 man at Mania.

Alright here we go main event…..wow me

By the way, when did Kelly2 grow a pair?

This would’ve been an opportune time to change Kelly’s awful theme song btw. Perhaps get a metal or punk band to cover Woddy Boyd’s “Kelly” song? Even Kelly hates that song, she said so in an interview awhile back.

Josh Matthews obviously realizes how ridiculous this match is but I still loved his delivery of the sentence “Ladies and Gentlemen, Kelly Kelly is defending the heavyweight championship of the world!” as they went to commercial.

I overheard Dolph yelling to KK from the corner saying “Give it up Barbie” which is funny considering she goes by that nickname in real life since its Barbara.

Kelly wins the ‘Playing Ricky Morton’ award of the week and I am actually into this match. Is it the blizzard outside? Idk

….and Kelly pins Layla with a spear and Edge has now just competed in the easiest title defense I’ve ever seen in my life.

Vickie fires Kelly and she starts crying and I actually feel bad for Kelly. It seems like since they did this weird, out of nowhere storyline with her it almost makes me think she really is leaving. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope it isn’t true because I’m finally starting to enjoy her.

Lastly, if Green Bay wins the ‘Big Game’ this weekend then they will appear on Smackdown next week rumor has it. Just one of many reasons to say ‘GO PACKERS!’

Good night everybody! BLACK SNOW!

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