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WHS #78 – The Order of Making Sense

I always get excited for the Royal Rumble. It’s probably the event I most look forward to every year right after Wrestlemania. Did this year’s Rumble live up to my lofty expectations? Listen and find out as Joey and I bring you a special two in one episode where we record our thoughts just prior to watching the show and give our predictions and hopes for the night. Then, after a brief intermission, we come back after having seen the most exciting sixty minutes in the WWE and react to what we saw! We even go as far as predicting what could (or should) happen in the next two months leading up to ‘Mania!

Who had the better predictions? What did we get right? Why did so much of the show not make many sense? Did the lack of sense hurt the quality of the Rumble? Find the answers to all of these questions and more, including instant reactions to the two surprise entrants in the Rumble match!

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WWE’s previous 40 man Battle Royal – Part 1
Part 2

Kind of wish she had been there now.
Women’s foot racing!

Elephant in the room.

Kevin Nash

Mason Ryan is shredded wheat

The man with the worst record in the history of the Rumble is number 3?

This was the question on the minds of the WWE writers prior to the Rumble.

Chuck Norris
Is this even still funny?
For those that don’t get the reference.

Homage or theft? You decide.

These signs are pretty funny too.

I don’t see “watching a grown man fly through the air” as a cause…

History was made! A month ago at TLC… when Natalya did a double sharpshooter. Which was called by Cole and Lawler…
Revisionist history


Technically it took Lesnar just over a year to main event at Wrestlemania.

A Spider-Man villain trained in parkour.

So were we right in our assessment of the Royal Rumble? What do you think of some of our Chamber and ‘Mania predictions? Let us know!