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WHS #79 – Prognosticator Glasses

Very sorry to all our loyal listeners for the delay… but the newest episode of your favorite pro wrestling podcast is finally up! Was it worth the wait? The answer is yes, of course it was!

We recorded this show the week before the Elimination Chamber so there are some speculations about what will (did) happen. I think you’ll find our initial responses were spot on. Then we got to thinking about how to make things more interesting, as we always do, and created some very awesome scenarios that look like they won’t happen… but they should!

Among other things we discuss WWE’s selective memory, Kelly Kelly’s new role, the demotion of Slammy Award winning commentators, Grandma Promos, Wrestlemania hopes and how easy is is to get into a WWE Title #1 Contender Match! We also talk a little TNA where Joey tells us what he really thinks of the show, reveal who is under Suicide’s mask and react to the new They. We end with 5 Rumors in 5 Minutes (from two weeks ago) and three weeks worth of Match of the Week where we try to convince you to watch Superstars! Go listen now!

Listen to the show:

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Theories on Conscience
Anything “New” is bad

We barely knew you, Manu

The reason why Joey liked the match?
I’d rather watch this movie… and this movie is really bad and I don’t like it.

Matt Striker has always been able to talk.
Matt Striker at Wrestlemania. Wrestling.

Cole is the best reason for turning off your TV

Cleaning your tea kettle
Where Natalya gets inspiration for her promos

No… I really am tired and angry


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Freudian Slip
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Rumor confirmed
Elastic Lady

Hope you enjoyed the show! We’ll make sure the next one won’t take as long.