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RAW Random Thoughts 3.21.11

You know when Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara made fun of J.R. it wasn’t funny then and it wasn’t funny tonight when Cole did it……and don’t think I didn’t see the cotton in your mouth either. That is some disrespectful garbage right there making fun of his affliction once again.

I’ve never been so glad to hear Triple H’s music

Wouldn’t it be better if it was Kozlov saying ‘You Will Lose’?

OK so Dibiase’s ‘I’m an afterthought’ bit is a dangerous storyline to be in considering those are the guys that get released right after the story fails.

One damn minute for a Sheamus/Evan Bourne match?! Welcome to Monday Night Microwave Matches!

YES! Well at least we now have a U.S. title match at Mania and now there is for sure a backstage competition over whether this or Rey/Cody will steal the show.

So I do enjoy the concept of the yearly Wrestlemania Rewind matchups BUT the one they have booked tonight is not a true rewind match without Kurt Angle. The one interesting thing about it is that Rey faced Punk last year. I fear that this baby face vs. baby face bout will be cut short due to C.M. Punk gaining access to the Orton family bus that just pulled up. *groan*

I have no complaints about Maryse’s jobber entrance

My god man do they have to just completely kill off the divas division altogether before all of the awesome new signings come in? This is just horrendous and I hope the entire women’s roster beats Cole into a coma with a steel dildo.

Could we perchance get a Corre vs. Show/Kane/Santino/Kozlov 8-man at Mania? If Russo was booking it then it would be Kozlov/Santino vs. Gabriel/Slater vs. Show/Kane vs. Barrett/Jackson for the tag titles. HA!

I’ve got a weird feeling that Stacy “The Kat” Carter aka Jerry Lawler’s ex-wife will be on RAW tonight. After Brian “Too Sexy Christopher Grandmaster Sexay” Lawler was on last week I think all bets are off on this storyline. Time will tell and I will know in a few minutes if she got blacklisted from WWE for good.

So the ‘World Exclusive’ was just 4 pictures of Lawler as a kid? WOW! Way to Schiavone that hype eh?

I really hope Morrison and Ziggler get rewarded for this placement on the card. 2 guys that were on the bring of the World Title at the beginning of the year and now they have to carry Lay Cool & Snooki.

So Trish Stratus vs. Michelle McCool, my most and least favorite female wrestlers of all time.

Since King isn’t there to say it I will….THONG!

Now THERE’s a package to get me to care about the HHH/Taker match and after all these years and no matter how old they are……..”The Enforcer” Arn Anderson and “Handsome” Harley Race still scare me.

Thoughts from listener Randy Brown via Facebook ‘Pretending that Taker Vs. Triple H didn’t already happen at WMX7 is really getting on my nerves. I think the story would have been much better if they HAD referenced the earlier match. ‘ Agreed, I hate revisionist as you may know.

I knew Punk was too smart to be a cliché and go straight after Orton’s family but awesome and random enough to use a wrench as a weapon. Heh heh heh

I had a hunch that Miz’s big news was a ‘new’ belt considering how he didn’t wear it to the ring. Miz is the MME champion

They really swerved me with the non-via satellite Cena surprise and it makes me like Cena that much more.

WOW Holy inanimate objects! Did Miz and Riley hurl that table at Cena or what? That was a killer visual

This just in, Alex Riley is now Vice President of Tapping the F-Out! HA and with that I bid you goodnight.