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2 weeks worth of RAW Random Thoughts (4.4 & 11.11)

2 Weeks of RAW random thoughts

I took a week off from wrestling for the most part after Wrestlemania and hit the reset button. Tonight I watched last week’s RAW right before this week’s RAW and these are my off the cuff and unedited knee jerk reactions for the last 2 shows.



Alright so the first night after ‘Mania is like the beginning of the season. So far so good, I hear Jim Ross’ iconic voice welcoming me to the show. On a side note, I can’t wait for the blu ray of 27 to come out so I can hear him and King call the last part of that show.

Hear comes the Triple H, odds are good he has the night off.

At least I know he will not be begging for a rematch at Extreme Rules because what’s the point if you get it done at anything other than ‘the granddaddy of them all’.

HHH’s speech invoked the thought of Magnum TA’s “I’m gonna come on you like no one’s ever come on you before’ promo. Yes I make my own comedy sometimes.

Ugh, Cole is already back on TV less than a half hour in. “Where’s the tower, where’s the gun?”

Michael Cole looks like he is fresh off the set of ‘The Ringer’.

Poor Jack Swagger, he won the world title a year ago this week and now he is second banana to the antichrist of commentary.

Cole yelling at J.R. saying ‘That’s my seat!’ uh no it isn’t stupid. YOUR seat is surrounded by that caution tape crap.

Orton & Mysterio vs. Rhodes and Punk is a good way to not do the obvious lazy rematching the next night.

So now the booth is back to Josh Matthews, Booker T & Cole. I thought ‘Two and a Half Men’ got cancelled?!

Why did Rey come out to a Smackdown graphic but Rhodes came out to a RAW one?

Ah it was only a few years ago when Orton was feuding with Mysterio and he gave the tasteful ‘Eddie is in hell now’ promo. Gotta love pro wrestling eh?

I just thought of this, how about a Rey mask vs. Cody mask match at Extreme Rules? Why didn’t I see this one coming weeks ago???!!!

Wow holy crap! This is a 27 AND 26 rematch right now since it was Punk vs. Rey and Orton vs. Rhodes and Dibiase last year. Good times

Orton with a boot face rake, love that move!

Man that new Tough Enough theme song is doo doo.

First look and impressions I would go with the guy in the middle that dubbed himself the ‘future legend’. Who knows Tough Enough has always been hard to call.

Cole, he definitely saw you as did everybody ‘with your bright ass red’ on.

I heard Miz got a legit concussion from that head bump on the floor. Here’s to a speedy recovery sir.

Nice tux there Alex ‘Kryten’ Riley. 😉

I truly despise the ‘one more match’ chants.

“Stone Cold” always puts a smile on my face. He is the current measuring stick to all retired performers.
Wow so Evan “Air” Bourne gets the jobber entrance after the reaction he got last night in the battle royal? For shame WWE.

Bourne is a true pro, look how he brought Del Rio back just like that. It would not have been enough just for Alberto to win but he needed someone to bump huge all over that ring and Bourne did just that for him and his employers. Give this man a push!

Dolph, much like Swagger, needs a ton of momentum back in his favor after the last couple of months.

How come Sheamus’ name isn’t on the name plate in the US title graphic? I love those new USA tights btw, good heel move.

Add Daniel Bryan into the pool with Swagger and Ziggler

Wow I have never seen anyone leap into the ring like that! It seemed like the pyro spooked him though but nice debut overall. A new era has begun and it has a beautiful high cross body dive.

Okay I’m a little baffled by Cena’s character not wanting to take Rock’s head off after last night. This ‘I respect you’ jazz should be out the window at this point. It also appears that they told the Rock to pull back on insulting Cena as well.

AND THEY BOOK THE MANIA MAIN EVENT FOR 28 A YEAR IN ADVANCE! Crazy stuff but don’t get me started on how bad the Corre was dissed tonight.


Ok NOW the show starts, Cena comes out and we have a good ol’ “I’m the #1 contender! No, I’M the #1 contender” promo involving Cena, Randall Orton, Truth, Ziggler and Morrison. The faceless GM makes this a gauntlet match which he says is a ‘new concept’ but he’s wrong.


And Brie Bella wins the Divas title with the X-Factor, meh

I just figured it out, Sin Cara is the Raw GM!

Fantastic debut by Sin Cara using a finishing I saw the Maximo Bros. do in person a few years ago. Great stuff and great job by Primo making him look extra good tonight.

So for the first and last time ever it’s APPLE vs. the Corre, oh god. Whatever as long as the match is good.

Hey! What’s annoying than Michael Cole the commentator? Michael Cole as a commentating corner man.

So it will be J.R & King vs. Swagger & Cole at Extreme Rules but what’s the stipulation they promised. PLEASE let it be Cole’s position at the announce table be up for grabs.

I’m sure Edge will retire within the next couple of years but not tonight, at least I hope not.

The first thing I can think of to say is no, thank YOU Edge!

Wow so look at Truth go tonight folks! Let the internet conspiracies fly. Is Truth getting a push? Or is Morrison being punished?

Wonder how they’re going to make this last match not obvious and after-the-fact as Cena faces R-Truth.

This show is so watchable now with Matthews, Lawler and JR in the booth. Thank you WWE!

What’s up Truth? You might be having the best week my friend.

Extra, special thanks and respect to Adam “Edge” Copeland for all that you have done for the last 13 years week in and week out in order to entertain us. Our lives will go on now go live yours sir. We’ll see you next year at the Hall of Fame!