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WHS #83 – It’s Just Gravity

So Wrestlemania is over. Did we burn ourselves out on wrestling during our five day extravaganza in Atlanta? No, of course not! There are a lot of things going on right now in the world of professional wrestling and we’re here to talk about it!

We start the show on a somber note, discussing the tragically short career of Larry Sweeney. We then move on to talk about Edge’s abrupt retirement, the wrestling debut of Sin Cara, and some unhappy Divas. With Superstars being taken off of television we go on to contemplate what this could mean for those wrestlers who call that show home. Who do we think is safe from being cut from the WWE roster? Listen and find out!

We also talk about a new concept in independent wrestling starting this month, have some fun with WWE Mad Libs and give you 5 Rumors In 5 Minutes containing Hulk Hogan, Christian, John Morrison, Trish Stratus, and The Corre in a really dumb match. Listen now!!

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The career of Larry Sweeney
Larry Sweeney’s win/loss record
Bipolar Disorder

Adam Copeland
I was wrong, it was Jose.

In case you missed it like Joey.

An unhappy diva

Sin Cara

This word is seriously misused by many wrestling fans…
Where Joey goes to be entertained

Are they all safe?

The greatest match ever? (Sorry for the poor quality… of the video I mean. Not necessarily the match.)

Where the WWE goes to come up with names for new wrestlers.

Territory League
I used to watch this show. And I own the video game on the NES. And I’ve beaten it. A lot.
This, on the other hand, I’ve never watched.

Mad Libs!
Buy WWE Mad Libs, send us some words and we’ll read it. Maybe.
a smelly bear

So if you’ve listened to the end of the show and followed along with my show notes you might have noticed that yes, I enjoy musicals. I think there should be a Broadway musical about wrestling. Why not? I guarantee there would be less injuries in a pro wrestling based musical than that Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark show!