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WHS #84 – A Bleak Future

The WWE Universe has been shaken up once again! Or has it? What does the yearly WWE Draft really change at this point anyway? Sure, some guys (and gals) get shuffled around on the roster pages on WWE.com but what does that mean for the actual on air product? We see Smackdown superstars on Raw pretty much weekly and vice versa… should we as fans really get too excited about the draft anymore? Well that’s what we discuss in episode 84! We break down every single draft pick from this year, both from the draft on Raw and the supplemental draft on the web site, and give our opinions on what this will mean for each and every superstar moved.

Is the future bright? Is it bleak? Will the draft even affect the future at all? Listen and find out!

We also discuss the implications of the impending arrival of Kharma. Does her name hold any significance as to her character? And if so who is the most deserving of some “Kharmic Retribution” in the WWE right now?

Plus Five Rumors in Five Minutes with the possibility of a returning WWE Superstar, a former WWE Superstar stirring the pot in TNA, and a little sexual harassment! All this and more!

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The origin of Valentine’s Day
The DARK origin of Valentine’s Day
“Johnny come lately”

WWE on YouTube… officially
Throwing us a bone… not to be confused with this
…or this

See John Cena on Smackdown!

35 Ways to watch free TV… though to make it truly free you’d have to be stealing online access rather than cable…

…or airplanes? You decide.

A site for Michael Cole.

This has nothing to do with anything but it does look kind of rad.

I’ll use pretty much any excuse to post a link to Alicia Fox.

The two sweetest words in the English language!

The Theory of Karma
Karmic Debt
Kind of like The Idiot’s Guide To Karma… and a great TV show!

The History Channel… complete with non-history related shows such as Top Shot, Ax Men and Ice Road Truckers…

Stirring the pot

There you have it, another episode and another wildly random show notes to go along with it! Hope you enjoyed them both! Much like the WWE Draft, will this episode still matter as much in the near and distant future? Of course it will! Awesome things always matter! Forever!

Come back soon for our post Extreme Rules show where some of the questions we bring up here may or may not be answered!