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WHS #117 – Parakeets in Refrigerators

Take a gamble on episode 117 of the Wrestling House Show in which we discuss betting on wrestling, AJ Styles’ crotch, The Man, rewarding people who concuss people, the greatness of NXT WarGames, the not-so-greatness of Survivor Series, Baron Corbin math, turkey punches, bad times in Liverpool, and the alternate reality of the Mixed Match Challenge! All this plus the best WWE/NXT/NXT UK matches for every week in November! Thank you for your time.

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Episode Length: 2:38:34
Intro Song: “Now is the Time” (alternate version) by Dope from the album American Apathy: Reloaded
Outro Song: “What’s My Name?” by Miyavi from the album What’s My Name?



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