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NXT UK Recap & Review – Episode 13

Episode 13

Original Air Date: December 5, 2018
Event Date: October 13, 2018
(available on the WWE Network)

City: Plymouth, Devon, England, UK
Venue: Plymouth Pavilions

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness
Ring Announcer: Andy Shepherd


Intro Video
“Dusted” by Astroid Boys

Ring Area
The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang head to the ring. Joe Coffey says people are right to call them ruthless. He says that NXT UK is their kingdom. After a few minutes, Travis banks interrupts Joe Coffey by coming out to the stage. Banks doesn’t say anything, but Joe challenges him to come down to the ring. Banks obliges, and he gets overwhelmed. After a few moments, Moustache Mountain runs down to the ring and helps Banks clear Wolfgang and the Coffeys out to the floor.

Radzi asks Fabian Aichner for a word prior to his debut. Aichner is looking forward to competing with the best.

Radzi welcomes Jordan Devlin. Devlin says he did something no one else has been able to do. He made Pete Dunne show fear. Devlin is sure that another title opportunity is headed his way.


Match 1
Mark Andrews vs Fabian Aichner
(referee: Eddie Orengo)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Fabian Aichner wins via pinfall after a spinning sit-out powerbomb
Time: 9:18

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Aichner is strong and agile, and he was able to work with Mark Andrews’ high flying ability to create some very fun and exciting sequences. The action was great and somewhat surprising. I also really enjoyed how Aicher started the match like he was looking for some friendly competition, but he ended the match looking pretty vicious.


A look at Isla Dawn.

Radzi welcomes Johnny Saint. Johnny announces that Sid Scala has been appointed as the assistant to the GM. Rhea Ripley walks up, and she doesn’t care about Scala. Ripley thinks people should be talking about her.


Match 2
Nina Samuels vs Isla Dawn
(referee: )

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Result: Isla Dawn wins via pinfall after a modified gutwrench into a power slam
Time: 3:20

Match Thoughts
Pretty good match. It was short and dominated by a lot of basic maneuvers, but there wasn’t anything wrong with it. This match was a way to get Isla Dawn some exposure without her getting beaten again.


Last week, Rhea Ripley defeated Toni Storm to become the first NXT UK Women’s Champ. During the match, Storm was slammed on the apron and hurt her back. It scared Storm, but now it just fires her up to go even harder.


Match 3
Tucker vs Eddie Dennis
(referee: Chris Sharpe)

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Result: Eddie Dennis wins via pinfall after the Next Stop Driver
Time: 2:28

Match Thoughts
This was okay. It didn’t make me a fan of Eddie Dennis. This was clearly an exhibition for Dennis, but he still looks big and slow and not terribly interesting.


Match 4
Flash Morgan Webster vs Jordan Devlin
(referee: Joel Allen)

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Result: Jordan Devlin wins via pinfall after Ireland’s Call
Time: 12:04

Match Thoughts
Good match. Webster is fun, and Devlin continues to make a case for being near the top of the NXT UK roster.


Show Impressions
I think the show opened a little stronger than it finished, but I liked the bookends of tonight’s show. The middle matches were just okay.

Match of the Night
Fabian Aichner vs Mark Andrews
I think this was a lot more fun than the main event.


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