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NXT UK Recap & Review – Episode 23

Episode 23

Original Air Date: January 09, 2019
Event Date: November 25, 2018
(available on the WWE Network)

City: Liverpool, England, UK
Venue: Liverpool Olympia

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness
Ring Announcer: Andy Shepherd


Intro Video
“Dusted” by Astroid Boys


Match 1
Jamie Ahmed & Dan Maloney vs Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan
(referee: )

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Result: Amir Jordan pins Jamie Ahmed after a swanton bomb
Time: 4:00

Match Thoughts
This was fun. I like the team of Williams and Jordan, so it was nice to finally see them start getting some good, sustained offense in a match.


Ring Area
Gallus heads to the ring. Joe Coffey says he doesn’t care if no one likes Gallus. The only thing that Joe cares about is Gallus versus British Strong Style. Specifically, Joe intends to give Pete Dunne what’s coming to him. Joe says the UK Title belongs to him, and he will take it at Takeover.

Earlier today, Johnny Saint and Sid Scala oversaw a press conference for the Women’s Title match. Storm says she wants to win the title so she can represent it properly. Ripley refuses to talk about what she’ll do to keep her title. Storm says she is stronger than ever, and she will take the title at Takeover. Ripley then gets upset when someone asks her to respond to accusations that she is a cheap imitation of Toni Storm.

Ligero responds to Joseph Conners’ recent promos by saying that he has been working for years to get where he is. Ligero challenges Conners to back up his words in the ring next week.


Match 2
Isla Dawn vs Xia Brookside
(referee: Drake Wuertz)

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Result: Isla Dawn wins via pinfall with a seated counter to a victory roll
Time: 5:10

Match Thoughts
Very good match. This was a contest of holds and counters. There were almost no impact moves and no strikes that I can remember. Instead, Brookside and Dawn created chains of mat-based holds. I enjoyed this very much.


Eddie Dennis says he is a killer, and Dave Mastiff lacks a killer instinct.

After her match, Isla Dawn was attacked from behind by Jinny.


Match 3
Damien Weir vs Jordan Devlin
(referee: Joel Allen)

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Result: Jordan Devlin wins via pinfall after Ireland’s Call
Time: 4:50

Match Thoughts
Pretty good match. This was an exhibition for Devlin, and for that it was fine.


Ring Area
Jordan Devlin begins to speak when Travis Banks comes out and heads to the ring. As Banks enters the ring, Devlin leaves. Banks challenges Devlin to a fight right now, but Devlin walks away.

Radzi welcomes Moustache Mountain. Bate and Seven say they are the most experienced team on the NXT UK roster, so whomever they face, Moustache Mountain will win.


Match 4
NXT UK Tag Title Tournament Semifinal Match
Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster vs James Drake & Zack Gibson
(referee: Drake Wuertz)

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Result: Zack Gibson pins Flash Morgan Webster after an assisted Ticket to Ride
Time: 9:19

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Both teams looked great. Webster and Andrews got off to a fast start, and they never really slowed down. That is, not until Gibson and Drake starting hitting some big moves. The teamwork of Gibson and Drake shined towards the end of the match. It’s just a shame that both of these teams can’t go on to Takeover.


Show Impressions
Good show. I figured the main event would be entertaining (and it was), but I was very pleasantly surprised by the women’s match. It was different than I expected, and maybe that’s part of why I enjoyed it so much. The rest of the show was good as well.

Match of the Night
Webster & Andrews vs Drake & Gibson
Fast-paced and hard-hitting. This was a very good match and a very nice representation of the NXT UK tag division.


Official Results:https://www.wwe.com/shows/nxtuk/2019-1-9-ep-01



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