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NXT UK Recap & Review – Episode 24

Episode 24

Original Air Date: January 09, 2019
Event Date: November 25, 2018
(available on the WWE Network)

City: Liverpool, England, UK
Venue: Liverpool Olympia

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness
Ring Announcer: Andy Shepherd


Tonight, two kingdoms go to war when Gallus battles British Strong Style in a six-man tag match.

Intro Video
“Dusted” by Astroid Boys


Match 1
Ligero vs Joseph Conners
(referee: )

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Result: Ligero wins via pinfall after a springboard tornado DDT
Time: 5:21

Match Thoughts
Good match. Ligero gained an early advantage with his speed and agility, but Conners slowed the pace in the middle portion of the match. Ligero would mount a comeback towards the end of the match which led to a nice finish. This was fun, and I think it worked well for both guys. I don’t see this feud being over with this match though.


Radzi welcomes James Drake and Zack Gibson. Drake and Gibson feel confident in their chances at winning the tag titles at Takeover. Obviously.

Dave Mastiff says he’s already put Eddie Dennis in his place. Now Dennis is just mad that he’s not good enough to get the job done the right way.


Match 2
Travis Banks vs Tyson T-Bone w/ Saxon Huxley
(referee: Drake Wuertz)

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Result: Travis Banks wins via pinfall after the Slice of Heaven
Time: 2:08

Match Thoughts
This was okay. The match was little more than an excuse to have Jordan Devlin come out and make a distraction though. So yeah, it was good for their feud. It wasn’t so good for Tyson T-Bone.


Ring Area
After the match, Jordan Devlin rushes into the ring and attacks Travis Banks. Banks counters Devlin and goes for a kick, but Devlin escapes and rolls out of the ring. Devlin backs away as Banks looks on.

Clips of buildup for the upcoming NXT UK Women’s Title match.


Match 3
Gallus vs Moustache Mountain & Pete Dunne (UK Champ)
(referee: Joel Allen)

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Result: Joe Coffey pins Tyler Bate after a discus lariat
Time: 25:29

Match Thoughts
Great match. This lasted pretty close to thirty minutes, and it was entertaining the entire time. The fight went back and forth and momentum changed many times. Since Gallus won’t be facing British Strong Style as a whole at Takeover, this match was a worthy payoff for all of the buildup they’ve given to the war between these two factions.


Show Impressions
About half of the show was taken up by the main event, and that’s fine by me. I enjoyed it very much.

Match of the Night
Gallus vs British Strong Style
I think this was worth the wait.


Official Results:https://www.wwe.com/shows/nxtuk/2019-1-9-ep-02



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