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WHS #101 – Getting the Shaft

Who’s been getting the shaft in wrestling? Who deserves some rightful retribution? Listen to episode 101 to find out as we cover two weeks worth of wrestling!

Listen as we talk about how the crowd took control of RAW, how the WWE disrespected the universe, the flawed logic of The Ryback, the need for rankings in wrestling, and speculate on Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank, and CM Punk’s eventual return. We are also scared of Lesnar, like AJ Styles, dislike Earl Hebner (a lot), and are enjoying the Bella Twins… well, half of us are. All this plus Emma, Kofi, Ryder, Fandango, Gabriel, 3MB, Petey Williams, and loads more. Listen!

Listen to the Episode #101 – Getting the Shaft:

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