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AEW Dynamite Recap & Review – Episode 1

AEW Dynamite
Episode 1

Original Air Date: October 2, 2019
Event Date: October 2, 2019
(aired live on TNT)

City: Washington DC
Venue: Capital One Arena

Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Tony Shiavone
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


Intro Video
“Dynamite” by No One Hero

Ring Area
From the commentary booth, Jim Ross welcomes us to the debut episode of AEW Dynamite. He also introduces his commentary cohorts of Excalibur and Tony Shiavone. They then go over some of tonight’s bug matches.

A look at Cody and Sammy Guevara leading up to tonight’s first match, the first match ever on AEW Dynamite.


Match 1
Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara
(referee: Aubrey Edwards)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Cody wins via pinfall with an inside cradle (after getting his knees up when Guevara went for a shooting star press)
Time: 11:53

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Everyone seemed excited for the first match ever on Dynamite, and that helped keep the intensity up throughout the match. Guevara had a good showing and got pretty dirty at one point, but this felt like it was Cody’s match the entire time. That’s not a bad thing. It was fun, and it was a good way to start the show.


Ring Area
After the match, Tony Shiavone enters the ring to get a few words from Cody. Before Cody can speak, Sammy Guevara spins Cody around to face him. Guevara gets in Cosy’s face, but he then extends his hand. The two men shake hands, but after a few seconds, the AEW champ, Chris Jericho, attacks Cody from behind. Guevara excuses himself from the ring as Jericho beats up Cody in and around the ring (which we see via a picture-in-picture commercial situation).

After Jericho eventually powerbombs Cody through two chairs, Jericho decides to leave. Before he leaves, he announces that he is the champ.


Match 2
Brandon Cutler vs MJF
(referee: Bryce Remsburg)

Show/Hide Results

Result: MJF wins via submission with a Fujiwara armbar
Time: 2:56

Match Thoughts
This was okay. MJF kind of had his way with Cutler.


Ring Area
Chris Van Vliet asks Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes what it was like working with Chris Jericho in the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. As Smith responds, Jack Evans tells Smith and Mewes that Morris Day and the Time sucks. Mewes tells Evans and Angelico that they’re not even good enough to win a match.

As Evans and Angelico freak out, Private Party walks up to Smith and Mewes. Security tells Private Party to get lost, so they do.

In front of the White House, Scorpio Sky does a fantastic Obama impression as Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian act as secret service.

Ring Area
Tony Shiavone is set to interview SCU on the stage. Shiavone asks SCU about the upcoming tag title tournament. Scorpio says he’d love to compete in the tournament, but the smarter play is to have Daniels and Kazarian enter the tournament as the SCU team. The Lucha Brothers come out and interrupt. Fenix says they are the best, then a brawl breaks out. Referees, security, and Dean Malenko come out to separate the teams.

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega quietly prepare for their match.

Chris Jericho explains how important tonight is to Ortiz and Santana.


Match 3
Adam Page vs Pac
(referee: Earl Hebner)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Pac wins via KO with the Brutalizer
Time: 13:02

Match Thoughts
Very good match.The match slowed down somewhat during a picture-in-picture commercial break, but other than that, this was a solid, hard-hitting match. Pac continues to look great in AEW, and Page continues to struggle in the important moments. I think this was a good way to start both men on the first episode of Dynamite.


Match 4
AEW Women’s Title Match
Nyla Rose vs Riho
(referee: Paul Turner; guest commentary: Britt Baker)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Riho wins via pinfall after a running double knee strike, Riho becomes the first AEW Women’s World Champ
Time: 13:28

Match Thoughts
Very good match. The size difference in the match was huge, and the overwhelming size and power advantage that Nyla Rose had played into nearly every part of the match. Rose dominated the match early, but a missed senton from Rose on the floor opened the door for Riho. Back in the ring, Riho still struggled to overcome Rose’s power advantage, but Riho was able to strike and move enough to start building up some good offense. Riho would also take advantage of situations where she could use Rose’s size against her. The final few minutes were tense with some very good near falls, and the finish was very satisfying. I very much enjoyed this match.


Ring Area
After the match, Michael Nakazawa enters the ring to interview Riho in Japanese. Nyla Rose doesn’t let that happen. Rose shoves Riho before powerbombing Nakazawa. Rose grabs Riho on the apron of the ring, but before she can do anything Kenny Omega runs out and stops her. Rose and Omega shove each other, but Rose decides to leave the ring area instead of getting into another fight. Omega checks on Riho as the show goes to a commercial break.


Match 5
The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega vs Santana & Ortiz & Chris Jericho (AEW World Champ)
(referee: Rick Knox)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Chris Jericho pins Matt Jackson after the Judas Effect
Time: 9:49 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. It would have been very good, but the match turned into a handicap match partway through. Jon Moxley showed up and attacked Kenny Omega, but rather than call for a disqualification or no contest, the referee allowed the match to continue two on three (Omega was put through a glass table, so he wouldn’t be back tonight). Other than the strangeness of that decision, the match was a lot of fun. The Young Bucks pushed the pace as TV time was running out, but the numbers of Jericho, Ortiz, and Santana proved to be too much.


Ring Area
After the match, Jericho, Ortiz, and Santana attack the Young Bucks. Cody runs down to help the Bucks, but Sammy Guevara runs out and kicks Cody in he groin. Dustin Rhodes runs down to help Cody, but after a few seconds Jake Hager runs in from the crowd and attacks Dustin, Cody, and the Bucks. Jericho, Hager, Guevara, Ortiz, and Santana stand tall as the show ends.


Show Impressions
This was a great first TV show for AEW. They introduced everyone to a lot of the main people, they had some good wrestling, they crowned a new champ, and there was a big melee at the end that set the bad guys up for a fall later on. I’m looking forward to next week.

Match of the Night
Nyla Rose vs Riho
I got the most invested in this match. I was also probably the most surprised by this. The action was fun, the story was good, and I think it sets up some interesting possibilities for the future.


Official Results: https://www.allelitewrestling.com/post/exclusive-recap-of-the-debut-episode-of-aew-dynamite



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