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Main Event Recap – “No Resolution”

“Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown plays and the WWE Main Event intro welcomes us to the first show of 2014!

The Miz welcomes Tom Phillips to his first Main Event as Kofi makes his way to the ring. Damien Sandow is out next and he wants silence. He explains that he does not make resolutions, he says what he will do. He plans to be in the main event winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I hope he’s right.

Match 1
Singles Match (Referee: Marc Harris)
Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow
Kofi chant early as they feel each other out. Short burst by Kofi and Sandow is grounded. The Miz mentions that he wants the spotlight and that’s the reason he’s been a jerk to Kofi lately. Sure. Sandow eventually gets back on his feet and is quickly dropped by a dropkick. Kofi goes back to an arm bar but Sandow fights out. Whips Kofi into the corner but Kofi gets a splash to to the back of a standing Sandow. 2 count!

Sandow now takes control and tosses Kofi in the corner. Elbow drop and a 1 count on Kofi. Side head lock but Kofi gets up, into the ropes, goes for Trouble in Paradise but Sandow wisely escapes to the floor as we head to a…


A dropkick from Kofi welcomes us back! 2 count on Sandow! Kofi goes back to the armbar, Sandow stands and gets out. Goes for a kick but Kofi reverses and gets a 2 count. Sandow throws Kofi into the second rope and starts to stomp and rub Kofi’s face into the mat. “You’re welcome!” Suplex and a 2 count on Kofi.

Sandow goes back to a side headlock. Transitions into a rear chinlock. Kofi stands. Off the ropes but Sandow with a knee to the gut and a 2 count. More stomps from Sandow and strikes to the head. Sandow is getting mean and dirty. 2 count. Kofi reverses a suplex into a small package for 2, but a clothesline leads to a 2 by Sandow. Sandow again with a side headlock. They stand and Sandow tries to dump Kofi over with a belly to back suplex, but Kofi lands on his feet, bounces off the ropes and hits a flying forearm.

Kofi starts a comeback with some chops and a monkey flip from the corner. 10 corner punches from Kofi, but Sandow manages to throw Kofi into the turnbuckle and dumps him to the outside.


Back to the show and Sandow has control with a side headlock. We see a replay of Sandow throwing Kofi into the ring steps during the break to get a clear advantage. Russian leg sweep and Sandow hits the Cubito Aequet but only gets 2. Kofi is looking rough at this point but manages a flurry of punches. Sandow whips Kofi into the turnbuckle and gets another 2. Sandow now applies a leg scissors to the head of Kofi and screams for him to quit! Kofi manages to maneuver Sandow’s shoulders down for 2 to break the hold.

Sandow batters Kofi in the corner. Kofi with some punches and throws Sandow into the ropes but is met with a knee. Sandow bounces off the ropes again but Kofi sidesteps and Sandow is sent to the floor! The ref starts the count while Kofi regains his composure. At four he bounces off the ropes and hits a front flip senton onto a standing Sandow on the floor! Kofi’s taken a beating, and that move didn’t help, but it might have evened the odds!

Kofi pushes Sandow into the ring, springboards into an clothesline and gets a 2. Boom Drop and Kofi is signaling for Trouble in Paradise! Sandow ducks, tries to throw Kofi into the ropes again, but Kofi reverses and Sandow hits the turnbuckle! Kofi jumps off the second rope and hits a dropkick for a 2 count! Kofi with some kicks, but Sandow sweeps the leg and applies the Royal Arch! Kofi struggles and makes it to the ropes to break the hold.

The two men end up the turnbuckle, Kofi pushes off Sandow and hits a high cross body from the top! 2 count! Sandow leverages Kofi into the rope and quickly hits the You’re Welcome! 3 count and Sandow wins the first match of 2014!
Damien Sandow wins via pinfall after the You’re Welcome

Match Thoughts
Solid match, which should be expected from these two. I like how Sandow got vicious with the stomps and turnbuckle shots, and Kofi played it great with the comeback attempts and high flying when it counted. Good way to start the year for sure.


Miz and Tom are excited about Batista coming back…

RAW recap of Triple H announcing Lesnar’s return.

Video of Cole interviewing Heyman. “Why now?” Because Lesnsar saw one champion and wanted to be that champion. Then Cole asking Triple H about Lesnar. Triple H says “best for business.”

The Funkadactyls dance their way to the ring as we head to a…


Match 2
Divas Tag Team Match (Referee: Rod Zapata)
The Funkadactyls vs. Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes
Naomi starts off quickly with a dropkick to Rosa. Back elbow to Rosa! In the corner and Rosa slams Naomi’s head into the turnbuckle. Side slam from Rosa for a 1 count. Another 1. Naomi with a body slam and a leg drop for 1. Cameron in with a butt slap and a suplex. Alicia tagged in.

Alicia with a knee to the gut but Cameron gets a splits arm drag. Then a head scissors and tags Naomi. Funkas with a double team and a 2 count on Alicia. Naomi on the apron and Alicia baseball slides Naomi to the floor. Alicia with a very nice bridged northern lights suplex for a 2 count! Rosa tagged in and hits a snapmare and a kick. Straight jacket rear chinlock into a straight jacket camel clutch. Naomi stand and tries to fight out but Rosa slams her to the mat. 1 count on Naomi.

Alicia tags in and hits a snapmare followed by a rear chinlock. Cameron appears strangely happy by the actions in the ring as she claps with the fans… Naomi to her feet, into the ropes and reverses a tilt-a-whirl into a slam. Monkey flip by Naomi but can’t get the tag. Alicia wisely hits a big boot on Cameron but is met with a Rear View from Naomi! 3 count and the Funkadactyls win!
The Funkadactyls wins via pinfall (Naomi on Alicia Fox after a Rear View)

Match Thoughts
Good match. Alicia and Naomi carried it, but Rosa did her part. Cameron should stay with the cheerleader bit. This was another match to build up Naomi as a contender for the Diva’s title and it worked. Helped to establish her tenacity and ability to pull out a win even when she is at a disadvantage. Alicia is underutilized in my opinion.

The Funkadactyls dance as The Miz gets a little too excited about Miz TV, which leads to…


Welcome back to Main Event and welcome to Miz TV! Miz “welcomes” Brodus Clay who is met with little reaction. Brodus gets a mic and tells Miz to be careful.

There is no Clay and Tensai. He needs no wannabes. “Really?” Miz shares his opinion. He says Xavier Woods is better than Brodus and insults Brodus’ Momma. Did you see Brodus say that Woods could use his music? You got nothing. They didn’t cheer for Woods. Xavier who? Dr.Who? Brodus is still mad about Wrestlemania 29… and so am I. Seriously. That was bull crap. Brodus helped Tensai, Naomi, and Cameron. Fact. Rhodes & Sandow? Brodus helped them. Fact. Brodus got Tensai/Albert. Damn. Now I’m turning on Brodus.

Tensai hits the ring and attacks Brodus. The crowd doesn’t seem to care. Miz shuts it down and unfortunately no one in the arena reacts… Fade to black.

Not a bad show. Two good matches but it fizzled at the end. Main Event has always been upside down in regards to show structure though so it actually works out. Kofi and Sandow was good and hopefully set Sandow up for good things this year. I just hope Kofi can get some recognition too.

The Divas match was pretty good, it showed that there is talent there that can be nurtured. Naomi has the potential to be a legend in the WWE Divas division. Alicia is underrated for what she can do. She still seems young and they both need some refining, but there is greatness in both of them. And it’s always good to see Rosa. ALWAYS!

I don’t like Miz TV. I don’t like babyface Miz. He is always such a douche and he is not a good host. If he were a heel I would enjoy the show, but since he’s a babyface it’s dumb for him to antagonize every single guest he has that’s a heel or suck up to the babyfaces. Turn heel, Miz. Please. I’m disappointed that Tensai and Brodus aren’t getting a reaction. I wanted them to have a great spot at Mania this year because I was legitimately pissed when their match at WM 29 was bumped to RAW the next night. At this rate they won’t make it on the show again at 30… That sucks.

Match of the Night
Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow
Not much of a contest really. Out of the two matches it was longer, the story was built better, and it was more exciting. No disrespect to the ladies, if they had been given more time they could have done something better too, but there wasn’t enough of their match to compete with Kingston and Sandow tonight.

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