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AEW Dark Recap & Review – Episode 15

AEW Dark
Episode 15

Original Air Date: January 14, 2020
Event Date: January 8, 2020
(uploaded to YouTube)

City: Southaven, MS
Venue: Landers Center

Commentary: Excalibur, Dave Brown
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


Intro Video

Tony Shiavone and Dasha Gonzalez welcome us to the show and talk about AEW honoring Memphis wrestling.

Ring Area
Justin Roberts introduces legends of Memphis wrestling: “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant, Kevin Lawler (representing Brian Christopher), Dave Brown, Shane Russell (representing Lance Russell), Austin Idol, “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert (representing the Gilbert family), The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson), Lanny Poffo (representing the Poffo family).


Match 1
Brandon Cutler vs Darby Allin
(referee: Aubrey Edwards)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Darby Allin wins via pinfall after the Coffin Drop
Time: 9:00

Match Thoughts
Good match. As the commentators were saying during the match, Allin might have been a tiny bit slower on the draw with some of his moves, but I think Cutler was also putting out some good stuff tonight. Cutler was the aggressor for a big part of the match, so Allin had to survive and pick some spots to hit a few high-impact moves. This was a fine opener for the show.


Shiavone and Gonzalez talk about Jon Moxley turning down Jericho but taking the car anyway (which happened on Dynamite).

Ring Area
Nyla Rose comes out for a scheduled match, but her opponent, Shanna, attacks Rose before the match can begin. The two women brawl at ringside with both getting in some good moves. Rose sets up a table and tries to drive Shanna through it, but Shanna escapes. Shanna ends up spearing Rose off the ring apron and through a table on the floor. Referees run out and separate the two women as they begin to get up.

Alex Marvez asks Shanna about Rose, but Rose attacks Shanna before she can really say anything. Rose beats up Shanna, but as Rose begins to speak to the camera, Shanna attacks. Referees try to separate the two women again as the segment ends.


Match 2
The Gunn Club vs Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard & “The Librarian” Peter Avalon w/ “The Librarian” Leva Bates
(referee: Rick Knox)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Austin Gunn pins Peter Avalon after a senton atomico
Time: 11:04

Match Thoughts
Good match. The Gunn Club consists of Billy Gunn and his son, Austin Gunn. Austin looks and moves so much like his father it’s uncanny. Being a rookie though, Austin got beat up a lot despite his enthusiasm. Spears took pleasure beating up Austin, but that just made Billy angry. Billy came in to clean up a few times, and that helped make this a nice back-and-forth match. This was fun.


Show Impressions
I could have used more wrestling tonight, but I still enjoyed the show. Seeing Billy Gunn team with his son was cool. And as much as I was looking forward to seeing Nyla Rose and Shanna finally have their match, making their segment tonight another segment of buildup is totally cool with me. That will make the match even better.

Match of the Night
The Gunn Club vs Spears & Avalon
I liked it. Fun stuff.



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