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AEW Dark Recap & Review – Episode 16

AEW Dark
Episode 16

Original Air Date: January 21, 2020
Event Date: January 15, 2020
(uploaded to YouTube)

City: Coral Gables, FL (announced as Miami)
Venue: Watsco Center

Commentary: Excalibur, Taz (1, 2), Jim Ross (bonus), Tony Shiavone (bonus)
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


Intro Video

At a Pool
Tony Shiavone and Dasha Gonzalez welcome us to the show and talk about Bash at the Beach.


Match 1
Diamante vs Big Swole
(referee: Aubrey Edwards)

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Result: Big Swole wins via pinfall after Dirty Dancing
Time: 7:22

Match Thoughts
Very good match. This was probably Big Swole’s best singles match in AEW so far. There was a lot of personality shown by both women, and there were some really fun sequences. I particularly enjoyed the finish and the build up to it. It was really well done and put a smile on my face.


At a Pool
Shiavone and Gonzalez talk about some upcoming shows.


Match 2
El Lindaman & T-Hawk & CIMA vs Jurassic Express
(referee: Mike Posey)

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Result: Jungle Boy pins El Lindaman after an assisted sit-out powerbomb
Time: 10:51

Match Thoughts
Great match. This was super fun from start to finish. Stronghearts had some difficulty controlling Jurassic Express early in the match when it was basically one on one, but Stronghearts took over when they started to double and triple team their opponents. That led to a chaotic breakdown where everyone got involved in some really unique moves ad sequences. It was good to see Stronghearts back on AEW TV.


Show Impressions
This was a fun, quick show. It was a little under thirty minutes long, and both matches filled up almost all of that time. I liked this episode a lot.

Match of the Night
Stronghearts vs Jurassic Express
Both matches tonight were good, but the main event was great.


Bonus Match (uploaded to YouTube January 28, 2020)
“Superbad” Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford vs Michael Nakazawa
(referee: Rick Knox)

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Result: Kip Sabian wins via pinfall after Deathly Hallows
Time: 7:54

Match Thoughts
This was fun. It was more of a comedy match as is usually the case with Nakazawa, and that’s fine. Nakazawa employed baby oil and his thong a few times while Sabian and Ford tried to cheat whenever they could.



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