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STARDOM Nagoya Rainbow Fight

STARDOM Nagoya Rainbow Fight
Event Date: October 4, 2020 (16:00 JST)
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City: Atsuta, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Venue: Nagoya Congress Center Event Hall
Attendance: 282

Commentary: none
Ring Announcer: Yoritaka Ando


Match 1
Hanan vs Saya Iida
(referee: Duke Sado)

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Result: Saya Iida wins via pinfall with a bridging northern lights suplex
Time: 7:03

Match Thoughts
Good match. This was a nice opener with some quick back and forth action. As the match went on, Iida was able to display more of her power. Hanan didn’t really have an answer for Iida’s throws and strikes, but she looked good in the earlier parts of the match. There was a scary moment right at the end though. Iida went for a northern lights suplex and got it, but the top of Hanan’s head hit the mat as she was going over, and it looked like she might have jammed or bent her neck. Hanan was holding her neck after the match, but she walked out with Iida, so hopefully she’s okay.


Match 2
Konami & Saki Kashima vs Starlight Kid & Riho
(referee: Duke Sado)

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Result: Konami submits Starlight Kid with a triangle arm lock
Time: 8:20

Match Thoughts
Good match. This felt very much like it was an exhibition to help introduce everyone to the new Konami after betraying Tokyo Cyber Squad and joining Oedo Tai. Konami was brutally efficient in her attacks, and Kashima had a strong sense of confidence in the way she moved around the ring. Oedo Tai dominated the early part of the match, but the speed and agility of Starlight Kid and Riho helped them start to mount a comeback. Riho did a very good job of helping Kid when she was in trouble, and Riho did her best to take Kashima out of the ring so Kid could focus on Konami. Konami has some very dangerous submission though, and she can change the complexion of a match within a second. This was a nice first match for Konami as part of Oedo Tai.


Match 3
Mina Shirakawa vs Tam Nakano
(referee: Duke Sado)

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Result: Tam Nakano wins via pinfall with a bridging German suplex
Time: 10:01

Match Thoughts
Good match. Nakano seemed very interested in Shirakawa before and during the match (being especially interested in Shirakawa’s chest), and that might have led Nakano to take Shirakawa a little lightly at first. Nakano did work on Shirakawa’s back very well, applying a camel clutch before stomping and dropping knees on her lower back, but Shirakawa was able to fight back with a series of submission attempts. Shirakawa was slowed by Nakano’s attacks to her back though, and Nakano was able to land a number of strong kicks. This was a pretty good outing for Shirakawa, but Nakano looked way stronger tonight.


Ring Area
After the match, Tam Nakano compliments Mina Shirakawa and asks her why she came to Stardom. Shirakawa says she’s in Stardom because she wants to be a real fighting spirit H-Cup gravure idol wrestler. Nakano smiles at that response, and she asks Shirakawa if she would like to team up for the upcoming tag league. Nakano extends her hand, and Shirakawa takes it. They hug, and a new tag team is formed.


Match 4
Bea Priestley (SWA Champ) & Natsuko Tora vs Jungle Kyona & Mayu Iwatani (World Champ)
(referee: Daichi Murayama)

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Result: Natsuko Tora submits Jungle Kyona with a stretch muffler
Time: 11:40

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Even though Tora and the rest of Oedo Tai took everything away from Jungle Kyona last night at the Yokohama Budokan show, they wanted to punish her even more tonight. Kyona started the match against Tora. They fought fairly evenly for a while, but Tora and Priestley were able to isolate and double team Kyona a lot. Iwatani tagged in and somewhat reset the match for her team, but Oedo Tai was too strong with their teamwork. When Kyona tagged back in, she hurt her knee which Tora capitalized on to a great degree. Tora was relentless, and Kyona’s offense (and chance of getting any sort of revenge) was diminishing quickly.

The match erupted into a bit of chaos at one point when Kyona was sent out to the floor and members of Oedo Tai and Stars (who had been watching/interfering from ringside) began to scuffle and fight all around Kyona. I thought the match might be heading to a No Contest, but the referee maintained enough control to get Kyona back into the ring (I particularly enjoyed seeing Murayama get right up in Priestley’s face when she gave Kyona’s knee a quick kick as he was checking on her). Ultimately, this was another battle of Kyona versus all of Oedo Tai, and Iwatani could only do so much to help. And ultimately, this was another tough match for Kyona and her fans. At this point, I’d like to see Kyona take a break and come back refreshed and strong after the new year.


Ring Area
After the match, Konami tells Kyona that now that they’ve destroyed Tokyo Cyber Squad, they’re going to destroy Kyona. Oedo Tai leaves as Kyona’s knee is wrapped in a brace. With emotion in her voice, Kyona apologizes for looking so awkward in what was supposed to be her restart. Iwatani tells Kyona that she wasn’t awkward. Its clear that Kyona has fighting spirit, but what happens now that TCS is gone? Iwatani can relate to being betrayed, and she says the only thing you can do it crawl back up. Iwatani then offers Kyona a spot in Stars. Kyona takes Iwatani’s hand, and they hug.

Kyona thanks Iwatani and Nagoya for always supporting her, and she says next time she visits Nagoya she will be at full strength and revitalized. Iwatani adds that other former members of TCS will join Stars, but they’re not here tonight. Kyona then stands with the helpe of Stars, and they all bow to the crowd.


Match 5
Elimination Tag Match
Saya Kamitani (Goddess Champ) & AZM (High Speed Champ) & Utami Hayashishita (Goddess Champ) & Momo Watanabe vs Natsupoi & Himeka & Maika (Artist & Future Champ) & Giulia (Artist & Wonder Champ)
(referee: Daichi Murayama)

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Result: Queen’s Quest wins (Saya Kamitani is the sole survivor)
Time: 21:06

1. Maika (9:36) Eliminates herself over the top rope after slamming Utami Hayashishita on the apron.
2. Utami Hayashishita (9:37) Eliminated over the top rope by Maika after being slammed on the apron.
3. Giulia (13:39) Eliminated over the top rope by Saya Kamitani with a running dropkick while Giulia was hanging halfway out of the ring.
4. Momo Watanabe (15:33) Eliminated over the top rope by Himeka with a running clothesline.
5. Himeka (17:05) Pinned by AZM with Azumi Sushi.
6. AZM (18:39) Eliminated over the top rope by Natsupoi with a push after AZM climbed the ropes for a dive.
7. Natsupoi (21:06) Eliminated over the top rope by Saya Kamitani with a big boot on the apron.

Match Thoughts
This was fun, and it was more than a little surprising. It took a little while for the first elimination to happen (which I like), and then when the eliminations did start happening, some of the higher-level people were getting eliminated early. I think that made this a nice match for building up some of the younger/newer talent that might struggle in matches against people like Giulia or Momo Watanabe. So for me, this match did two things. First, it highlighted Natsupoi as a vital part of Donna del Mondo. And second, it continued to build Saya Kamitani as someone who can succeed under pressure. For that, and for the general fun these types of matches provide, I enjoyed this main event. Oh yeah, and seeing Maika catch Natsupoi on the floor in a hug as she was knocked off the apron then run halfway around the ring to roll her back in was pretty great.


Ring Area
After the match, Saya Kamitani says there are a lot of strangers coming into Stardom, but Kamitani is the future, and Queen’s Quest is Stardom. Kamitani then leads everyone in closing the show.


Show Impressions
This was a fun show. The only real important part was Jungle Kyona getting beat up again then joining Stars. I feel like that’s a consolation and hope she can grow beyond Stars at some point, but it was a touching moment in the ring tonight. The next most important part of the show might have been Tam Nakano and Mina Shirakawa deciding to team up for the tag league. I like that the new people they introduced just yesterday are already becoming important parts of the roster, and I like that Nakano seems to be moving on from Giulia.

Match of the Night
Bea Priestley & Natsuko Tora vs Jungle Kyona & Mayu Iwatani
This match definitely had the most emotion tonight, and the tension of having so many people around ringside ready to fight helped make this exciting.


Official Results (Japanese): https://wwr-stardom.com/news/20201004nagoya/



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