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Women of Honor Wednesday – May 17, 2017

May 17, 2017
published on YouTube
(taped April 8, 2017)

City: Baltimore, MD
Venue: William J Myers Pavilion
Event: Charm City Excellence

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni
Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise


Match 1
Karen Q vs Kelly Klein
(referee: Todd Sinclair)

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Result: Karen Q wins via countout
Time: 9:46

Match Thoughts
This was quite good. Karen started off very strong and seemed to surprise Klein. Klein made a comeback through her sheer size and power, but Karen hung in there. Klein tried to put Karen away, but she kept finding a way to survive.

The ending is a little bit iffy though. Deaonna Purrazzo showed up and the match ended up being a countout finish, but it really felt like Sinclair fudged the count in order to have Klein lose. He was counting at a certain speed, but when Klein rolled into the ring he sped up the count considerably. Even then, Klein was clearly under the ropes before 20. But even though the finish wasn’t 100% well done, it makes the match memorable.

Overall, I’d say this was one of the better WOH Wednesday matches I’ve seen so far. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Karen Q, and this match really makes me want to see another Purrazzo versus Klein match. Hopefully on a PPV.



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