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205 Live Recap & Review – Episode 75

WWE 205 Live
Episode 75

Original Air Date: May 1, 2018
Event Date: May 1, 2018
(aired live on the WWE Network)

City: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Venue: Bell Centre

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, Nigel McGuinness
Ring Announcer: Greg Hamilton


Last Friday at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Cedric Alexander defeated Kalisto to defend his Cruiserweight Title.

Intro Video
“Hail to the Crown” by CFO$ featuring From Ashes to New


Match 1
Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick
(referee: Danilo Anfibio)

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Result: Jack Gallagher pins Akira Tozawa after a headbutt
Time: 8:09

Match Thoughts
Good match. Maybe unsurprisingly, aside from some strikes exchanges early in the match, Itami and Kendrick mostly kept away from each other. I would think they’re saving that rivalry for later, because it looks like Itami might have some other things going on right now. There was some miscommunication between Tozawa and Itami (mostly on Itami’s part) that led to some problems and some anger for them. The problems with Itami and Tozawa added to an already entertaining match.


Drew Gulak talks about Kalisto squandering opportunity at the Cruiserweight Title after barely squeaking by himself last week. Tonight, Gulak will finish Kalisto.

Earlier today, Drake Maverick oversaw Buddy Murphy’s weigh in. Murphy barley made weight, so he can now return to action.


Match 2
Buddy Murphy vs Liam Louis
(referee: Jason Ayers)

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Result: Buddy Murphy wins via referee stoppage
Time: 1:47

Match Thoughts
Unsurprisingly, a squash.


Ring Area
After the match, Cedric Alexander comes out and attacks Buddy Murphy. They brawl for a few seconds before Murphy escapes to the backstage area.

Dasha Fuentes asks Cedric Alexander what happened. Alexander says his attack was payback. If Murphy wants Alexander’s title, he knows where to find him.

Kalisto says his title match in Saudi Arabia was a great time. He lost, but his friends helped him get back on his feet. Tonight, he is ready for Drew Gulak.


Match 3
Kalisto w/ Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado vs Drew Gulak
(referee: Ryan Tran)

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Result: Drew Gulak wins via submission with the GuLock
Time: 12:44

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Gulak controlled a large part of this match. He kept Kalisto grounded with some unique holds. Kaslito managed to work up to a burst of offense late in the match, but Gulak figured out ways of staying in the match long enough to go back to what he does best. Gulak might be becoming the MVP of 205 Live.


Show Impressions
This was another good show. This definitely felt like a show that was trying to start a lot of story lines and feuds. As with other WWE shows, the buildup to April is now behind us, and we’re heading into summer with some new directions. I like it so far.

Match of the Night
Kalisto vs Drew Gulak
I really like how this played out. This was a big match for Gulak.


Official Results:http://www.wwe.com/shows/wwe-205-live/2018-05-01



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