RAW Recap – “Country Music Sucks, New Day Rocks”

Survivor Series crowned two new World Heavyweight champs, so what’s next for the man that reigned for five minutes and fifteen seconds? Also, Paige has a legitimate complaint about her loss at the PPV. How will Charlotte react? Read all about these questions and so much more, including the one year anniversary of New Day, in our recap of RAW from November 23, 2015!

Survivor Series Predictions

I make a few predictions and set them in digital stone for the world to see. Who will win it all at Survivor Series and what match will steal the show? Check out my predictions to see what I think, or wait until after the show airs so you can make fun of how wrong I was!

Favorite Wrestling Couples

It may be a little late, but I’m celebrating my favorite wrestling couples in pro wrestling in honor of Valentine’s Day! Ever since I was a child, the impact of meaningful relationships has had a lasting effect on me and greatly influences the way I remember some of my favorite (and least favorite) story lines. …