WHS #121 – A Cooperative Art

Listen to episode 121 of the Wrestling House Show as we talk about the weeks leading up to and including WWE Elimination Chamber! We cover Becky Lynch and her questionable choices, the worst RAW commentary in a very long time, air guitar culture, Dean Ambrose and his contract, and the rise of Kofi Kingston! All this plus continued excitement for AEW and much more!

WHS #118 – The Proverbial Lana

RAW reached a breaking point heading into December 2018, but did WWE give us the worst RAW ever during that time? And what of the “fresh start?” Should we buy into it? Will it be a long-term solution or just a short-term fix? Also, how can the view of cruiserweights be so different between RAW and SmackDown? And can NXT and NXT UK be a place for journeymen (and women)? All this plus Dijak’s ridiculous new name, the (sort of) return of Spanky, Mustafa Ali making waves, a discussion of TLC, and our favorite matches for the month of December, all on episode 118 of the Wrestling House Show!

WHS #117 – Parakeets in Refrigerators

Take a gamble on episode 117 of the Wrestling House Show in which we discuss betting on wrestling, AJ Styles’ crotch, The Man, rewarding people who concuss people, the greatness of NXT WarGames, the not-so-greatness of Survivor Series, Baron Corbin math, turkey punches, bad times in Liverpool, and the alternate reality of the Mixed Match Challenge! All this plus the best WWE/NXT/NXT UK matches for every week in November! Thank you for your time.

WHS #114 – Due To Be Done

We take a few soapbox moments in our September wrap-up show as we build your ultimate WWE-centric supercard from the hours and hours of WWE television! We also go off on tangents about topics such as our thoughts on All In, the new guy in Dragon Gate, the Dragon Gate guy in New Japan, the pitfalls of wrestlers on social media, WWE tying up multiple titles in a single feud, Brie Bella and her kicks, Becky versus Charlotte, the break-up of Rusev Day, and much, much more!

WHS #113 – Schrodinger’s Cat Gun

August had us thinking about whether or not Ronda Rousey is truly part of the RAW women’s division, the greatness of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4, the rise of Andrade Almas on the main roster, RAW fumbling with their tag teams, the reign of Roman Reigns, the best bout machine of 205 Live, a debate over the best match at Summer Slam, a complete agreement on the worst match at Summer Slam, and a as much more wrestling talk as we can fit into about two hours! Dial up the latest episode of the Wrestling House Show for all this plus a preview of our All In review!

WHS #112 – Funk Fans

July was a strong month for the WWE Universe in a lot of ways, though there was plenty that could have been better. Listen to episode 112 of the Wrestling House Show as we share some gripes, observations, and yuk yuks including more on the Sasha/Bayley missed opportunity, Chris Dijak’s NXT debut, obnoxious fans, Titus Worldwide’s Hulu absence, how this year’s Money in the Bank contract should be handled, size shaming, bingo halls, and as always, the best matches from every week in July!

WHS #111 – The Devil, Man

The month of June brought wrestling fans a great NXT Takeover, an uneven Money in the Bank, a fantastic NJPW Dominion, and a whole bunch of WWE television of varying quality. Listen to episode 111 of the Wrestling House Show as we talk all about it, including the best matches, the strangest story lines, and even the Devil himself!

WHS #110 – The Wrestling Math Show

May was the month in which we got the first co-branded WWE PPV in weeks, saw both Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax become hypocrites, witnessed the continued excellence of Ruby Riott and Buddy Murphy, lamented the state of the RAW tag division, and much more! Join us for the May 2018 wrap-up episode and hear us explain everything we liked and didn’t like about a whole bunch of hours of WWE television!

WHS #108 – So There’s That, That Happened

Wrestlemania has become about so much more than just one show, and if you travel to see Wrestlemania live, you can spend an entire week immersing yourself in pro wrestling from around the world. We did that this year, and this episode is all about our experiences during our week in New Orleans! Listen as we talk about the many, many shows we saw, the wrestlers we got to meet, the disappointments we faced, and our favorite moments from our pro wrestling vacation!