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AEW Friday Night Dynamite (Episode 89) Recap & Review

AEW Friday Night Dynamite
Episode 91

Original Air Date: June 18, 2021
Event Date: June 6, 2021
(aired on TNT & the FITE app)

City: Jacksonville, FL
Venue: Daily’s Place

Commentary: Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz (1), Don Callis (6)
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


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In a split screen Jake Hager (with Chris Jericho) and Wardlow (with Shawn Spears) walk towards the ring area for their MMA cage match.

Intro Video
“Dynamite” by No One Hero


Match 1
MMA Rules Cage Fight
Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears vs Jake Hager w/ Chris Jericho
(referee: Aubrey Edwards; outside referees: Rick Knox, Bryce Remsburg)

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Result: Jake Hager wins via Referee Stoppage with a head and arm triangle
Time: 9:13 (4:13 seconds into round 2)

Match Thoughts
This was pretty fun. It didn’t necessarily feel like a real MMA fight because both guys were acting in ways that didn’t make a ton of sense for a legit fight, but once they got off their feet and started grappling I quite enjoyed it. There was a full-on pro-wrestling segment where Wardlow got a string of offense including a powerbomb into the cage and a spear, but yeah, I enjoyed this. I think Hager had to win this match since a lot of his gimmick in AEW is based on his MMA experience, but they did have me questioning whether he would be able to overcome Wardlow’s power. Hager definitely looked more natural and at-ease in this environment, but Wardlow did a good job too.


Ring Area
After the match, Jake Hager walks over to Wardlow and holds out his hand for a fist bump. It looks like Wardlow is about to return the first bump out of mutual respect, but Shawn Spears rushes into the ring and attacks Hager. Chris Jericho runs in and attacks Spears, and that forces Wardlow to attack Jericho. Hager get back into the fight and occupies Spears while Jericho and Wardlow brawl. MJF runs out and goes after Jericho’s injured elbow.

Dean Makenko pulls MJF away from Jericho. MJF looks like he’s about to hit Malenko, but he stops. Then MJF goes ahead and hits Malenko with a cheap shot, smashing Malenko with a forearm to the head. MJF smiles, but the smile goes away when he hears Sammy Guevara’s music. MJF and Wardlow run away as Guevara climbs over the cage wall and into the ring. MJF and Wardlow leave as Guevara checks on Jericho.

Frankie Kazarian quotes The Bible as he talks about his mission to hunt The Elite. Eddie Kingston tells The Elite they better pray for their souls, because their asses belong to Kazarian, Kingston, and Penta. Penta El Zero Miedo tells us why: “zero miedo.”

Taz acknowledges that there are problems within Team Taz, and he tells Ricky Starks that his issue with Brian Cage needs to end now. Starks begins to speak, but Powerhouse Hobbs interrupts. Hobbs accuses everyone of leaving him hanging, and he wants to know where the team unity is. Taz says Hobbs isn’t wrong, and he understands that Hobbs was left in a two on one situation last week against Adam Page and Dark Order’s 10. Taz then challenges Adam Page to see if he can beat Hobbs one on one. Hook is also there, but he doesn’t say anything.


Match 2
Two on One Handicap Match
Men of the Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) vs Darby Allin
(referee: Rick Knox)

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Result: Ethan Page pins Darby Allin after the Ego’s Edge
Time: 11:59

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Most of the match went about like you might expect. Allin fared well whenever it was one on one, but Page and Sky used distractions, quick run-ins, and double teams repeatedly throughout the match. At a certain point when the referee was distracted, Allin zip-tied Page’s ankles together and threw Page out of the ring. That left Allin one on one with Sky, and Allin unleashed a flurry of fun offense. The match continues though, and from there it felt like the finish was inevitable. I think this went the best way it probably could have for everyone involved. Plus, it made Sky and Page look like huge jerks who didn’t really accomplish anything by beating up one guy, and it helped Allin once again show his heart and determination.


Match 3
“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy w/ Trent?, Chuck Taylor, Kris Statlander vs Cezar Bononi w/ Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth, JD Drake
(referee: Bryce Remsburg)

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Result: Orange Cassidy wins via pinfall after an Orange Punch
Time: 4:08

Match Thoughts
This was fun. Bononi dominated the first part of the match with his size and strength, and Cassidy was repeatedly sent out to the floor where the Wingmen gave him really quick “makeovers” before rolling him back into the ring. After a while Best Friends and Statlander started to get involved with counteracting the Wingmen, and that led to a silly and fun finish with everyone getting involved on one way or another. No surprises here, but it was a good time.


Alex Marvez welcomes Jungle Boy, but they’re interrupted by Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and Michael Nakazawa. Omega is still angry about last week, and he challenges Jungle Boy to a street fight right now. Jungle Boy would rather beat Omega in the ring next week, so Omega offers to give Jungle Boy a free punch. Jungle Boy looks like he’s going to accept the offer and hit Omega, but Nakazawa hits Jungle Boy from behind. Omega attacks Jungle Boy, but Jungle Boy quickly gains the advantage. Omega and Callis hop into a golf cart and ride away as Nakazawa takes a forearm shot from Jungle Boy.

Alex Marvez welcomes Matt Hardy and the Hardy Family Office. Hardy says he had a handshake agreement with Christian Cage, and since Christian broke that “contract,” that’s why Hardy has been repeatedly attacking him. Hardy says the attacks will continue, but he’s interrupted by Christian Cage. Christian is stopped before he can reach Hardy, and Christian is locked behind a metal fence by the rest of the HFO. Hardy pushes a check through the cage and tells Christian to retire. Hardy says if Christian doesn’t retire, then he’ll put Christian out of the business by force.


Match 4
Brock Anderson & “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson vs Aaron Solow & QT Marshall w/ Nick Comoroto
(referee: Paul Turner)

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Result: Brock Anderson pins Aaron Solow with a jackknife cover
Time: 10:05

Match Thoughts
Good match. Brock Anderson is wrestling under a huge shadow being the son of Arn Anderson, but he looked solid here tonight. Anderson started the match for his team, and he was doing some nice, basic work with Aaron Solow. As the match went on Marshall and Solow ended up double-teaming Anderson and isolating him, and that forced Cody to come in and clean up every once in a while. Anderson’s tag timing was good, and he was there for the saves when Cody needed it, and Anderson was again able to use basic moves to thwart Aaron Solow’s attacks towards the end of the match. This match was mostly about Brock Anderson’s AEW in-ring debut, and I think it went well for him.


From a collapsing and abandoned building, Jake Roberts talks about Lance Archer’s impatience as the Murderhawk Monster paces behind him. Roberts seems nervous about what Archer might do next after losing another title match.

Earlier today, Jim Ross sat down with Andrade el Idolo. JR asks Andrade why he picked to come to AEW. Andrade says he came to AEW as a superstar, and he deserves a shot at the AEW World Championship. Andrade also talks about the connection he has with Vickie Guerrero, and he says the two of them have a surprise.

Alex Marvez is with Adam Page and Dark Order, and Marvez asks Page about the challenge Taz has issued for Page versus Hobbs. Page gladly accepts the challenge, but right now all he’s thinking about the good friends he’s with and the cold beer he’s drinking. Marvez wonders if Page is concerned about Kenny Omega defending the AEW World Title against Jungle Boy next week. Page avoids the comment and says that John Silver’s shoulder is getting better and he’ll be back in action soon. He also mentions 10 winning last weeks main event and ‘s brand new jacket. Page also praises Evil Uno’s performance against Miro last week.


Match 5
Penelope Ford vs Julia Hart w/ Varsity Blonds
(referee: Aubrey Edwards)

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Result: Penelope Ford wins vis submission with a Muta Lock
Time: 5:43

Match Thoughts
Good match. Ford was a lot more aggressive and effective with her attacks. I wouldn’t necessarily say this was a squash, but it was close. This was a nice return to action on Dynamite for Ford.


Ring Area
After the match, Miro comes out to the stage. Miro wonders where Kip Sabian is, saying it’s not fair for Ford to be out here alone while Hart has Garrison and Pillman. Miro attacks the Varsity Blonds, taking out Griff Garrison. Brian Pillman Jr. leaps onto Miro, and the two men brawl. Referees rush out to try to separate them as the camera cuts backstage.

Tony Schiavone welcomes Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and Rebel. Before Baker can say anything, Vickie Guerrero comes out and says she wants the AEW Women’s World Title around Nyla Rose’s waist. Baker and Rebel laugh, but Vickie says Tony Khan owes Vickie a favor from bringing in Andrade el Idolo. With Tony Khan’s approval, Vickie has set up a tag match featuring Baker and Rebel versus Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero. Vickie leaves, and Baker and Rebel laugh again.

A look at the rivalry between FTR and Santana & Ortiz.

Mark Sterling announces that the Toronto Four Seasons hotel has joined the Jade brand. Jade says she will only accept the most elite brands for partnership deals. Jade is primarily focused on wrestling though, being undefeated in AEW.


Match 6
Penta El Zero Miedo w/ Alex Abrahantes & Frankie Kazarian & Eddie Kingston vs The Good Brothers & Matt Jackson (AEW Tag Champ) w/ Don Callis, Brandon Cutler
(referee: Rick Knox)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Karl Anderson pins Penta El Zero Miedo after a diving neckbreaker (and a sneak attack from Nick Jackson)
Time: 14:06

Match Thoughts
Very good match. The action was very fast-paced throughout the entire duration with everyone coming in and out of the ring in rapid succession. The momentum swung back and forth with neither team ever really getting a sustained advantage. That is, until the end of the match when Nick Jackson showed up to blind Penta with the cooling spray The Elite have been using lately. The Elite once again came out on top under dubious circumstances, but the action was still fun regardless of whatever you might think about the finish of the match.


Show Impressions
This was a pretty good show. Like most of the non-Wednesday Dynamites, the show didn’t feel super important for the most part, but there were some very nice moments. Seeing Brock Anderson in the ring for the first time was memorable, and the MMA Cage Fight was fun for its uniqueness. I imagine the shows are going to start delivering in big ways once AEW gets back on the road soon, but tonight’s episode was enjoyable even if it didn’t do much to push any stories or rivalries forward.

Match of the Night
Trios Match Main Event
I enjoyed the story of the MMA Cage Fight (Wardlow showing Hager zero respect before the fight by turning his back to Hager, then having enough respect to almost return Hager’s fist bump after the fight), but the action in the main event was the most fun tonight.



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