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AEW Rampage (Episode 6) Recap & Review

AEW Rampage
Episode 6

Original Air Date: September 17, 2021
Event Date: September 15, 2021
(aired on TNT)

City: Newark, NJ
Venue: Prudential Center

Commentary: Excalibur, Taz, Chris Jericho, Ricky Starks
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


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Intro Video


Match 1
AEW World Tag Team Title Match
The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny, Jack Evans, Matt Hardy vs Lucha Brothers (AEW Tag Champs) w/ Alex Abrahantes
(referee: Paul Turner)

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Result: Rey Fenix pins The Butcher with a hurricanrana (after Penta El Zero Miedo has to remove his mask that’s been tied to the ring ropes so he can superkick The Blade), the Lucha Brothers retain the tag titles in their first defense
Time: 9:41

Match Thoughts
Very good match. It started rather chaotic with what amounted to a tornado tag match. The Lucha Brothers took an early advantage with their speed and agility, but as the match calmed down, The Butcher and The Blade took over. Penta got isolated for a while, and when Fenix finally got a tag, Penta had his mask tied to the ropes. The Butcher and The Blade used heir two-on-one advantage to stop Rey Fenix’s comeback, and that led to an interesting and well-done finish.


Ring Area
After the match, Private Party runs out, and the HFO attack the Lucha Brothers. After a few seconds, Santana and Ortiz run out and chase the HFO away.

In a video package, Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson talk about their upcoming match. Omega says Danielson is still an underdog, and he’s irked by Danielson’s sense of entitlement. Danielson is here to show the world the true Bryan Danielson.


Match 2
The Bunny w/ Penelope Ford, Jack Evans, Matt Hardy vs Anna Jay w/ Tay Conti
(referee: Aubrey Edwards)

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Result: Anna Jay wins via pinfall with a schoolboy
Time: 3:19 (with 1 commercial break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. Anna Jay and The Bunny started the fight at ringside by trading strikes, and the fight continued to be aggressive once it got into the ring. The match was kind of short with a commercial breaking it up, but it was fun throughout.


Ring Area
After the match, The Bunny attacks Anna Jay. Tay Conti attacks The Bunny, so Penelope Ford attacks Conti. Ford hits Conti with brass knuckles. Ford follows up by hitting Jay with the brass knuckles as well.

Powerhouse Hobbs is ready to destroy CM Punk.

Ring Area
In the ring, Tony Schiavone welcomes Matt Hardy (with Jack Evans). Matt Hardy is mad about losing twice tonight. He says Anna Jay, Santana, and Ortiz will all pay for what they did tonight. Matt is also mad about an Orange Cassidy fan at ringside. Matt confronts the fan, pulling him over the barricade and into the ring. Jack Evans attacks the fan, and Matt hits the fan with a Twist of Fate. Matt and Jack then cuts the fan’s hair. Orange Cassidy walks to the ring, but Matt and Jack leave before Orange gets there.

Ring Area
In the ring, Tony Schiavone welcomes Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and the number one contender for her title, Ruby Soho. Baker starts off by saying that Ruby Soho is desperately trying to fit in anywhere, everyone knows the AEW Women’s World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. Soho says everyone knows who Baker is because they’re reminded who she is every single week. Soho knows exactly who she is, but until know she hasn’t had the freedom to prove it.

Soho says Baker looks like everyone she’s faced before: entitled, self-centered, and “bangin’ some dude in the back.” Is there anything more to Britt Baker? Baker wants to know why Soho is lying. Soho isn’t a runaway, she got fired. Soho agrees that she got fired, but that was the best thing that could’ve happened. Her firing brought her face to face with Baker. Baker can call herself whatever she wants, but after Soho beats her in New York, Baker won’t be able to call herself the AEW Women’s World Champion. A brawl breaks out, but Baker quickly escapes from the ring. Baker drops her title belt in the ring which Soho raises in the air.

Via split screen, Mark Henry welcomes Fuego Del Sol and Miro. Fuego Del Sol says he almost beat Miro before, and tonight he’ll slay the giant. Miro says Fuego means nothing to him.


Match 3
TNT Title Match
Fuego Del Sol vs “The Redeemer” Miro (TNT Champ)
(referee: Bryce Remsburg; stipulation: If Miro wins, he gets Fuego Del Sol’s car.)

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Result: Miro wins via pinfall after a Machka Kick to the back of the head and retains the title in his eighth defense
Time: 8:56

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Fuego Del Sol was able to get Miro at a disadvantage for a large part of this match. Fuego moved around the ring quickly, focusing on Miro’s head and neck with kicks and DDTs. Miro got angry though, and he obliterated Fuego in the final few minutes. The finish wasn’t unexpected, but this was still a fun match and another good performance from Fuego Del Sol.


Ring Area
Miro takes the keys to Fuego Del Sol’s car, shoves them in Fuego’s mouth, and puts Fuego in Game Over. After a few seconds, Sammy Guevara runs out and forces Miro out of the ring. Sammy picks up the TNT Title and holds it in the air before dropping it on the ring apron.


Show Impressions
I enjoyed this show. The promo segment with Britt Baker and Ruby Soho might have been the best thing of the night, but the matches were fun too.

Match of the Night
Fuego Del Sol vs Miro
This had some good drama and fun action.



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