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Survivor Series 2015 – Recap and Comments

** Check out our coverage of the Survivor Series Kickoff for an extra Survivor Series elimination tag match if you missed it!

November 22, 2015

Aired Live

City: Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: Philips Arena
Theme Song: “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons

Commentary: Michael Bole, JBL, Jerry Lawler


Ring Area
Lilian Garcia sings a rousing rendition of the national anthem.

Intro video focusing on 25 years of the Undertaker, The Wyatt Family, and the reuniting of the Brother of Destruction. It also focuses on the change being brought about by the title tournament. “History is written by the survivors.”


Match 1
Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio (US Champ) w/ Zeb Colter
WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Final Match
(ring announcer: Lilian Garcia; referee: Dan Engler)

Reigns and Del Rio tie up and feel each other out for a little while. They end up outside the ring and Del Rio uses the barricade and the ring post to hurt Reigns, focusing mostly on his arm and shoulder. Reigns starts to mount a comeback in the ring but Del Rio kicks him to the floor and throws Reigns into the ring steps.

Reigns against starts to mount a comeback until Del Rio moves out of the way of a shoulder, sending Reigns shoulder first into the post. Del Rio tries to follow up but Reigns moves and Del Rio slides through the ropes to the floor. Reigns follows up with a Drive By and some head smashes on the ring apron and announce table.

Back in the ring, Reigns is hurting but in control. He goes for the Superman punch but Del Rio avoids it and hits a backstabber for a 2 count! Del Rio misses a kick and Reigns lands a Samoan drop for 2! Reigns goes for a superplex, but Del Rio fights him off and goes for, and misses, a stomp from the ropes. Reigns lands a Superman punch then goes for a spear that is met with a kick from Del Rio! 2 count!

Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker and puts it on, but Reigns lifts him and hits a sitout powerbomb for 2! Both men take their time to get up, and when Reigns approaches Del Rio he is put into the cross arm breaker! Reigns tries to dump him over the ropes but Del Rio holds on for a few seconds. He lets go and gets back into the ring only to be met with a spear from Reigns.

Roman Reigns wins via pinfall after a spear
Time: 14:06

** A really good match and a great opener for the show. I think most people expected Reigns to win, but Del Rio looked good (and helped Reigns look good because of it). I liked the psychology of Del Rio going after Reigns’ arm. It makes sense for the match (that’s how Del Rio usually wrestles) and it sets up Reigns to be at a possible disadvantage later on when he has to fight in the finals of the tournament. **


Commercial for WWE Breaking Ground immediately following Survivor Series on the WWE Network.

Jojo congratulates Reigns on his win. Ambrose also congratulates him. Kevin Owens tells Reigns that it doesn’t matter that he won. After all, he’s been close before.


Match 2
Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens (IC Champ)
WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Final Match
(ring announcer: Eden Stiles; referee: John Cone)

Ambrose and Owens trade side headlocks to start the match. Ambrose lands some arm drags, then they trade schoolboys. Ambrose starts to take over and sends Owens to the floor with a clothesline. He follows him out with a dive over the top and gets a quick 2 count back in the ring.

Ambrose climbs the ropes, but Owens shakes them, sending Ambrose to the mat. A cannonball in the corner gets Owens only a 1 count. Owens is in control and gets a few near falls on Ambrose. Owens takes Ambrose to “chinlock city.”

Ambrose escapes chinlock city with a belly-to-back suplex. Both men catch each other with a clothesline and are slow to get up. Ambrose looks for Dirty Deeds which is blocked, then they trade strikes before a gut buster from Owens. Owens misses a moonsault and Ambrose hits an elbow from the top for a 2 count.

The two men fight on the turnbuckles until Owens eventually comes out on top with a second rope fisherman suplex! 2 count! Owens yells at Cole to tell Ambrose to stay down. Ambrose hits a clothesline off the ropes, then dives through the ropes to Owens on the floor. Owens rolls in the back out the other side of the ring. Ambrose follows with another dive but is caught and dumped onto the announce table.

Owens looks for a pop-up powerbomb, misses, lands a kick, goes for another powerbomb, Ambrose counters into a hurricanrana, then Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds to end it!

Dean Ambrose wins via pinfall after Dirty Deeds
Time: 11:20

** Another good match in the title tournament. Owens put up a good fight as always, and he seemed to have the advantage for most of the match, but Ambrose’s victory was satisfying and believable. Nice work by both guys. **


The 25 year legacy of The Undertaker.

Ring Area
The competitors make their way to the ring for the next match. New Day celebrates Xavier Woods’ new hair and Thanksgiving. They are thankful for their team. Also, Ryback is bald. Sheamus makes things awkward.

** Barrett seems into New Day and the music. Sheamus seems uncomfortable. It’s fantastic. **


Match 3
Ryback & Lucha Dragons & The Usos vs New Day (Tag Champs) & King Barrett & Sheamus
Traditional Survivor Series Match
(ring announcer: Eden Stiles; referee: Jason Ayers)

Jimmy Uso starts against Woods. Woods warns Jimmy not to touch his hair. He does, pretty much immediately. The Usos and Sin Cara triple team Kofi after he tags in but only get a one count. Kofi goes for a tornado DDT that Sin Cara turns into a northern lights suplex for a 2 count. Sheamus tags in but gets sent to the floor. The rest of his team joins him, then the Lucha Dragons and the Usos all dive over the top to the floor in tandem! Ryback wants to join the fun, so he climbs to the top and jumps onto the pile!

Jey Uso goes up to the top to attack Sheamus back in the ting, but Barrett knocks him off. Barrett tags in and punishes Jey. He takes him to his corner and starts a Unicorn Stampede with New Day. Woods gets the trombone and New Day has a dance party on the apron. Barrett joins them.

Jey manages to tag his brother who kicks Barrett. Jimmy tags Sin Cara who hits a swanton from the middle of the top rope to eliminate Barrett

Sin Cara pins King Barrett after a swanton bomb

Sin Cara fights off Kofi and Kalisto lands a flipping monkey flip for a 2 count. Kofi comes in and is in a little trouble before catching Jimmy Uso and setting him up for Xavier Woods.

Woods pins Jimmy Uso after a double team stomp from the ropes

Sin Cara hits a pair of moonsaults on Woods, then Woods tags in Big E who hits a spear through the ropes on Sin Cara. Sheamus tags himself in and finishes Sin Cara with a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus pins Sin Cara after a Brogue Kick

Sheamus tags Big E. Ryback give E a clothesline, Kalisto hits a kneeling head scissors, then Jey hits a top rope splash.

Jey Uso pins Big E with a top rope splash

The rest of New Day takes Big E to the back. He’s hurt and they need to help him. Also, Sheamus is a dumb jerk.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston eliminate themselves

Sheamus realizes he’s alone. He suplexes Kalisto for a 2 count. He overpowers the smaller man and plays with him a little before being hit with a kick. Jey Uso tags in and hits a running hip attack in the corner. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse but can’t put Jey away.

Ryback tags in. Sheamus dodges the Meat Hook but can’t put Ryback away. Kalisto, Jey, and Ryback all tag in succession and each hit a move to win the match.

Ryback pins Sheamus after a Shell Shock to win the match
Survivors: Ryback, Jey Uso, Kalisto
Time: 17:34

** Fun match, more for the beginning than the end. New Day was great. They always are, but yea, they were really on here. I actually don’t mind that two-thirds of New Day eliminated themselves. It made total sense for the characters and the mini-plot they set up of Sheamus acting like a jerk before and during the match. Sin Cara also had a realy good showing in this match. **


Package of the Paige/Charlotte feud


Match 4
Paige vs Charlotte (Diva’s Champ)
Diva’s Title Match
(ring announcer: Lilian Garcia; referee: Rod Zapata)

Charlotte controls Paige with a waistlock, frustrating Paige right away. They make their way to the apron where they trade strikes. Paige pushes Charlotte into the post then smashes her face-first into the announce table. Back in the ring, Paige controls Charlotte with an ab stretch. She transitions onto Charlotte’s back and takes a jawbreaker for her effort.

Charlotte hits a big boot and looks for a figure four, but Paige rolls her up for a 2 count. Charlotte then applies the figure four. Paige momentarily turns it over, then both roll to the side of the ring. Charlotte holds onto it as she hangs off the apron. She then gets Paige on her shoulders and drops her face-first onto the side of the ring.

Back in the ring, Charlotte drops some knees and is in complete control. She puts Paige’s head in a figure four lock and pounds her body and head into the mat. She goes for a shoulder in the corner but misses and hits the post. On the outside, the two women trade strikes. Back in the ring, Paige puts on crossface while trapping her leg. She then puts Charlotte in a body scissors.

Charlotte gets a near fall from a neckbreaker off the ropes in the corner. Charlotte hits a spear then a rolling neck snap. Paige rolls out to the floor and throws Charlotte into the side of the ring and the barricade. They both climb the barricade and Charlotte hits a spear. In the ring, Charlotte applies the Figure Eight for the win.

Charlotte wins via submission with the Figure Eight
Time: 14:16

** This was a good match. Lots of hard-hitting moves and strikes. Lots of submissions. I think the psychology behind the submissions and working towards them could have been stronger, but there was nothing really wrong with it. **


Kickoff Panel
Renee Young, Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves talk about Charlotte’s win and the title tournament.

Earlier tonight, Jojo asks Ambrose about facing Reigns in the final match.


Match 5
Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs Dolph Ziggler
(ring announcer: Eden Stiles; referee: Darrick Moore)

The two trade holds, quickly, and have a little bit of a standoff. Ziggler clotheslines Breeze over the ropes to the floor and when he gives chase Breeze uses Summer as a shield. Breeze then leverages Ziggler into the middle rope, sending him to the outside. Breeze is now in control.

Turns turns a standing leg scissors into a half crab in the middle of the ring. Ziggler gets to the ropes, so Breeze goes to the second rope. He leaps at Ziggler but takes a dropkick. Ziggler starts to mount a comeback and hits a neckbreaker and an elbow drop for a 2 count. He goes for the Famouser but Breeze counters with a schoolboy for 2.

Ziggler goes for a sunset flip out of the corner which Breeze counters, holding onto the ropes for 2! Very close. They then trade a series of near falls until Ziggler pushes Breeze up and drops him onto the mat He looks for the superkick, misses, applies a backslide for 2, nearly takes the Unprettier, misses another kick, then takes the Unprettier.

Tyler Breeze wins via pinfall after the Unprettier
Time: 6:41

** Nice win by Breeze. We’ll see if he can build on this and turn it into something. The match was a little faster-paced than the others on the show, which is a little out of necessity wince they didn’t have as much time, but it’s also just how these two guys wrestle. **


Video package of the Wyatt/Undertaker feud


Match 6
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper w/ Braun Strowman, Erik Rowan vs The Undertaker & Kane
(ring announcer: Eden Stiles; referee: Mike Chioda)

After a pretty spectacular (and lengthy) entrance by The Undertaker, Erik Rowan runs in to get a head start on the brothers. They double chokeslam him. Well, he won’t be in the match. Rowan goes to the back. Wyatt then stops Strowman from getting into the ring. Wyatt and Harper will compete.

Kane and Harper start. Kane and Undertaker trade off controlling Harper. Undertaker goes for Old School but Harper fights it off and tags in Wyatt. Undertaker downs Wyatt with a jumping clothesline and Wyatt quickly tags back out. Undertaker looks for Old School again and gets it on Harper. He sends Luke to the outside. Undertaker places Harper on the apron and hits a leg drop.

Kane tags in and rolls Harper into the ring. Harper sends Kane to the outside and Strowman sends him over the announce table. Wyatt attacks Kane while he’s down and sends him back into the ring. The Wyatt Family uses teamwork to keep Kane in trouble. Wyatt sets up Sister Abigail, but Kane fits out and hits a running DDT.

Undertaker and Harper tag in, and Undertaker takes control. He gets pushed to the outside where Strowman tries to attack, but Kane helps Undertaker with a double chokeslam on Strowman through the Spanish announce table! Undertaker takes a kick and Sister Abigail, but kicks out at 2! Kane and Undertaker are both down while Wyatt does his crab walk out of the corner. He’s met with tandem situps, then tandem chokeslams. Undertaker takes his time and tombstones Harper for the win!

Undertaker pins Luke Harper after a tombstone piledriver
Time: 10:20

** A fine match. I really expected the Wyatt Family to put up more of a fight, but I never really expected Undertaker to lose. Strowman and Rowan were completely ineffective which is surprising. I think a little more adversity might have made the win more satisfying, but it was still a fun match. I do think Undertaker needs to pass the torch to Wyatt at some point, but I didn’t really think tonight would be the night. **


Match 7
Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose
WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Final Match
(ring announcer: Lilian Garcia; referee: Charles Robinson)

The immediately start punching each other and Reigns dumps Ambrose to the mat. Ambrose clotheslines Reigns sending them both out to the floor where Reigns tosses Ambrose into the barricade. Ambrose returns the favor by diving through the ropes and driving Reigns into the barricade. A dropkick from Ambrose gets him a 2 count.

Ambrose has control in the corner, but Reigns powerbombs him out of it. He follows up with a second powerbomb to Ambrose for a 2 count. Reigns set Ambrose up in the corner, but Ambrose hits a sunset flip powerbomb. He jumps from the top but takes a Superman punch for another 2 count for Reigns. Reigns goes for another Superman, misses, Ambrose looks for Dirty Deeds, misses, punch from Reigns, Ambrose hits a clothesline, spear by Reigns, 2 count!

Reigns is holding his arm. It seems to be bothering him from earlier. Reigns goes for a spear but hits the post. Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds for a close 2 count! Both men seem frustrated and start pushing and punching each other. Ambrose hits a running knee to the gut of Reigns then a series of forearms. Reigns answers with a series of clotheslines. Ambrose hits some more forearms and some stomps. He backs up to get a running start at Reigns but takes a spear to end the match.

Roman Reigns wins via pinfall after a spear
Time: 9:02

** Not a bad match, but it was actually slightly shorter than either of the semi-final matches. I think I might have preferred those matches too. They were all good though. This one was very even between the two men and had some good exchanges leading up to close near falls. A good title match. **


Ring Area
Ambrose congratulates Reigns and leaves through the crowd. Confetti and fireworks mark the crowning of a new champion. Triple H makes his way to the ring and offers his hand, but Reigns turns his back, then spears Triple H. As he’s getting up Sheamus appears and hits a Brogue Kick. He hands his Money in the Bank briefcase to the referee as he covers Reigns.


Match 8
Roman Reigns (World Heavyweight Champ) vs Sheamus
World Heavyweight Title Match
(ring announcer: Lilian Garcia; referee: Charles Robinson)

Reigns kicks out! Confetti is still falling as Sheamus hits another Brogue kick for the win!

Sheamus wins via pinfall after a Brogue Kick
Time: 0:38


Ring Area
Triple H and Sheamus hug a couple of times after the win. From the look on Triple H’s face, it’s more about anyone having the title rather than Reigns, not so much about being happy for Sheamus. Reigns looks like he’s about to cry in the ring.

** I wasn’t terribly surprised by this cash-in. Sheamus had been quiet leading up to the show, and he was in the back of my mind the whole time. What better night to cash in than when the champ has to wrestle twice? **


Show Impressions
I liked the show. There were no real clunkers as far as the match quality goes. Most of it went pretty much exactly like I expected. As far as the main event, I think this might help Reigns’ character. I think seeing a frustrated, more distant Reigns might be a good thing. I don’t think heel go full heel, not in a program with Sheamus, but I could see him being more of a win-at-all-costs guy.

His pride led to him being in the position of being taken advantage of. If he hadn’t refused Triple H, and taken what was already his as the number one contender for the title, I doubt Sheamus would have had such an easy time. Hopefully they’ll bring that up in the coming weeks.

Match of the Night
Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens
This was close. I think either semi-final match could have been my pick, the Diva’s title match too, but I liked the finish of this one the best. That put it over the top for me.




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