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Smackdown Recap – “One Versus Many”

December 3, 2015
Taped December 1, 2015

City: Hershey, Pennsylvania
Venue: Giant Center

Commentary: Jerry Lawler, Rich Brennan, Booker T
Ring Announcer: Eden Stiles


The show starts with a recap of RAW from this week featuring Sheamus, Reigns, and the League of Nations.

Ring Area
Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and The Usos are already in the ring to start the show. Reigns says he always been tight with his cousins the Usos (well, except for when he was fighting them as part of The Shield). He calls Ambrose his brother and they hug it out with prompting from the crowd.

He says that the League of Nations can’t help Sheamus at TLC (well, except for the fact that TLC matches are generally no DQ). He wants to fight now, so he calls out Sheamus and the League. They come out to the stage. They crowd chants, “USA.”

Sheamus is proud of his new t-shirt and reminds Reigns about his time spent as WWE champ. Reigns wants to crack heads, not jokes. Sheamus reintroduces the members of the League of Nations and says that he had a match set up between their groups.

New Day comes out with some facts and calls Reigns a “ruiner.” Jimmy wants a fight, but Woods still has some things to say. New Day swivels their hips as they inform Ambrose and The Usos that they’ll have to beat the tag champs if they want to be a part of the match against the League of Nations tonight. New Day laughs maniacally to end the segment.

** Reigns’ speech didn’t make a whole lot of sense. He just glossed over the fact that He fought the Usos multiple times as part of The Shield, and he seems unaware that interference won’t get Sheamus disqualified in a TLC match. Also, this is another overstuffed segment to try and get people to watch a feud the crowd doesn’t seem to have much interest in. It really feels like a placeholder until a real storyline can be made to make up for the injury to Seth Rollins. **


Match 1
Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs Neville
(referee: Rod Zapata; Dolph Ziggler on guest commentary)

Breeze puts on a wristlock, but Neville flips out of it and taunts Breeze. Neville then controls the match by controlling Breeze’s arm. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker sends Breeze to the floor. Neville goes for a dive to the floor but stops himself when Summer gets in the way.


Breeze has Neville in a front facelock, but Neville powers out. A few kicks and a clothesline send Breeze to the outside. Neville follows up with a spinning dive to the floor. A running shooting star gets Neville a 2 count in the ring. Neville jumps to the top rope for a springboard dropkick, sees that Breeze is going for a kick of his own, and stops himself. Breeze hits a superkick on Neville for a close 2 count

Neville gets a kick of his own and looks for the Red Arrow. Breeze rolls out to the floor. Neville rolls him back in, but Breeze kicks Neville off the distraction and lands an Unprettier.

Result: Tyler Breeze wins via pinfall after an Unprettier
Time: 5:27 (1 break)

** A good opening match. I would expect nothing less from these two guys. My favorite part of the match has to be where Neville just stopped in mid-springboard and let Breeze dropkick the air. Good stuff. **


Jojo asks Becky Lynch about tension between her and Charlotte. She says Charlotte isn’t happy, but they’re still best friends. Brie and Alicia walk up and stir the pot. Charlotte is in Becky’s corner though.


Match 2
Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox vs Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte (Divas Champ)
(referee: Jason Ayers)

Becky starts with a waist lock and an arm drag. Brie makes fun of the fake ankle injury that Charlotte used on RAW. A bulldog out of the corner by Brie gets her a 2 count. Brie follows up with a series of kicks. Brie Mode! And a knee to Becky.

Becky mounts a comeback with some strikes and an exploder suplex for a 2 count. Becky looks for Disarm-Her, but when Brie pulls free and runs into Charlotte at ringside. Becky gets Brie in Disarm-Her, but Charlotte runs in and attacks Brie, angry that she hit her.

Result: Brie Bella wins via DQ when Charlotte interferes
Time: 2:54

** An okay match, but a very predictable and contrived story is building here. I would love to see Team BAD just destroy all of them and end this all. Lawler also also said that a little Flair is coming out in Charlotte. I have mixed feelings about that. **


The Miz says Neville’s personality is holding him back. He offers to help Neville and mentions how he helped Daniel Bryan. He gives Neville his card and a copy of Santa’s Little Helper.

** Mark Henry showed interest in Neville, now The Miz. Hopefully something is building for him. **

Renee Young welcomes the (fairly) newly engaged Rusev and Lana. Rusev calls Ryback a coward for hurting Lana (on RAW).


Match 3
New Day (Tag Champs) vs The Usos &Dean Ambrose
(referee: John Cone)

Jimmy and Woods starts, with Jimmy taking an advantage with some chops. Jey tags in and gets a quick 2 count. He stomps Woods as Ambrose tags in, starting a mini Unicorn Stampede. 2 count by Jey.

Kofi tags in but is downed with an arm drag. Kofi manage to pull Jey to the corner and New Day takes over. Woods hits a low, running DDT on Jey for a 2 count. New Day keeps control until Big E misses a big splash and Ambrose gets the hot tag.

He takes down Big E with a neck breaker and takes out the rest of New Day by running Kofi and Woods into the barricade outside. Back in the ring he goes for a bulldog, but Big E crotches him on the top rope and Kofi jumps at him, sending Ambrose to the floor.


New Day has Ambrose in a Unicorn Stampede and the trombone makes an appearance. Ambrose is in trouble. New Day presses the attack by making a series of quick tags. Ambrose manages to send Big E to the floor, but Kofi tags in in. Kofi hits a high cross-body, but Ambrose rolls through and gets a 2 count! Abrose tags in Jimmy Uso who, with the help of Jey, dominate Kofi and Woods.

Big E comes back into the ring but is sent out by Ambrose. Ambrose dives, Big E catches, then Jey dives onto them both! Jimmy goes up top but Kofi distracts him and Jimmy reinjures his knee that he hurt on RAW. Kofi kicks his knee, and Woods hits a shining wizard for the win!

Result: Woods pins Jimmy Uso after a shining wizard
Time: 10:30 (1 break)

** Really good match. Nice back and forth, a couple of hot tags, good moves, and a good finish. Woods looked especially good and broke out some nice moves. Also, using the injured knee of Jimmy’s from RAW added an extra level to the match. This was better than the RAW main event. Addition by subtraction. **


Right before a commercial, the Wyatt Family announces to the Dudley Boy that they are here.

Ring Area
The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer make their way to the ring. The Wyatt video plays, and R-Truth is on the stage. King thinks he is lost. The Wyatt video plays again and out comes the Wyatt Family.


Match 4
D-Von Dudley w/ Bubba Ray Dudley, Tommy Dreamer vs Bray Wyatt w/ Luke Harper, Erik Rowan, Braun Strowman
(referee: Mike Chioda)

Rowan tries for the distraction right off the bell, but D-Von doesn’t fall for it. He throws some fists until Bray downs him with a forearm to the chest. D-Von hits a flapjack and a diving headbutt for a 2 count. Bray then comes out of the corner with Sister Abigail.

Result: Bray Wyatt wins via pinfall after Sister Abigail
Time: 1:55

** I’m a little surprised Bray won so quickly. He easily beat him. With that very easy victory, and the numbers advantage, how is anyone supposed to believe that the Dudley Boyz and Dreamer can win at TLC? Regardless, I’m looking forward to the match. **


Ring Area
The Wyatt Family gets some tables, but Bubba and Tommy get some kendo sticks. Strowman knocks out Bubba and Rowan runs Dreamer through a table in the corner of the ring.

The League of Nations enters the ring, but backstage Roman Reigns stays positive. Renee Young informs Ambrose and The Usos that they have been banned from ringside. Reigns is still positive. His family is unhappy.


Match 5
Sheamus (WWE WH Champ) & King Barrett & Rusev & Alberto Del Rio (US Champ) vs Roman Reigns
(referee: Charles Robinson)

Del Rio starts the match for the League. Reigns manages to not get hurt and Del Rio tags in Rusev. Reigns pushes him off and Sheamus tags in. Sheamus gets an advantage off a distraction by Barrett, and the League makes some quick tags. Reigns starts to get an advantage on Sheamus, but Barrett trips him. The ref sees it and tosses Barrett from the match.


Reigns is in trouble back from the break. Reigns starts to come back against Rusev, but gets tossed to the floor and attacked by Sheamus and Del Rio. Sheamus tags in and tosses Reigns into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring. The League members take turns beating on Reigns.

Reigns gets a bit of time and space by hitting Rusev with a Samoan drop. Del Rio tags in but misses a a kick. Reigns starts a comeback with a series of strikes. He hits Rusev with a Superman punch but takes a backstabber from Del Rio for a pretty close 2 count. Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker but takes a spear.

Sheamus has to break up the count and gets sent to the floor. Reigns hits a drive-by on Rusev, then follows up with a Superman punch on Sheamus. Reigns avoinds everyone on the outside and rolls into the ring just beating the referee’s count.

Result: Reigns wins via countout
Time: 11:52 (1 break)

** Reigns won that match like I win those terrible video game handicap matches that you always get put in while playing career mode, by running away and throwing people around outside until the ref counts them out. This type of match is about as much fun to watch as it is to play. In other words, not very. **


Ring Area
Sheamus Brogue kicks Reigns after the match and the League attacks. Reigns’ family comes out to save him.


Show Impressions
Really a so-so show. Some of the wrestling was good, but I’m not really into the main story they have going on. I talked about that already on the RAW recap from a few days ago, and this show did nothing to change that. I’m afraid that all of the individual feuds are getting lost to the massive amounts of people in the World Heavyweight title story. That’s a shame, because Owens versus Ambrose could be a feud of the year if done correctly.

Match of the Night
New Day vs The Usos & Dean Ambrose
This match had the best, most fun wrestling. Regardless of the wacky stipulations that are getting thrown around (which don’t enhance my enjoyment of the show), these guys put on a good match.


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