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WHS #64 – Ridiculous Trappings

Reporting from the front lines of the new Monday night war, we’re back with episode 64 of the Wrestling House Show! So what did Joey and I think about the returns of Hogan and Hart? Who had a better show on January 4th? Which faces were we glad to see show up on TNA and which were we really, really not? What was Flair doing when he got to the Impact Zone? All these questions and more will be answered when you listen to our latest episode entitled “Ridiculous Trappings”. We also tackle some more serious matters such as the passing of Dr. Death Steve Williams, the possible retirement of Tommy Dreamer and read some listener email where we talk about Davey Richards, Bryan Danielson and Dragon Gate!

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Davey Richards
Dragon Gate USA

I’m celebrating my next birthday with Lenny

Dawn’s thoughts on Dr.Death are linked from Wrestler’s Rescue
Dr.Death wiki

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This is what he’s been up to

Bret Hart

Hogan’s new employer

Someone send this to Sarita for me. Thanks.
No, really, I’m being serious.

Don’t accept passes from this guy

Lashley’s future employer

Vince doesn’t know Hogan?

A subliminal insult to The Beautiful People?

Thanks for listening! By the way, I just watched some ChickFight tournaments for the first time and damn, that was some good stuff. Expect to hear more about that on the next show where we also talk about Mike Tyson and cows! (Not necessarily in any kind of relation to one another)

Also keep checking back for our first DVD review where I talk about the ChickFight DVD I just got. Did I mention I really liked it?