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Main Event Recap & Review – Episode 179

March 1, 2016
Episode 179
(taped March 1, 2016)

City: Atlanta, GA
Venue: Philips Arena

Commentary: Rich Brennan, Jerry Lawler
Ring Announcer: Greg Hamilton


Intro Video
“On My Own” by CFO$


Match 1
Paige & Natalya & Brie Bella vs Summer Rae & Naomi & Tamina
(referee: John Cone)

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Result: Brie Bella makes Naomi submit to the Yes Lock
Time: 6:57 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Pretty good match. Lana came out in the middle of it to provide a bit of a distraction for Brie, but she didn’t really get involved at all. The match was fine, but nothing terribly special.


Ring Area
The Social Outcasts are in the ring. Adam Rose starts to say everyone’s nicknames, but Axel gets angry and says they need to be serious; They’re facing Ryback. They all start doing some sort of chop in the ring.


Match 2
Heath Slater w/ (Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel) vs Ryback
(referee: Dan Engler)

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Result: Ryback wins via pinfall after a Shell Schock
Time: 2:32

Match Thoughts
It wasn’t quite a squash, but it was close.


Match 3
The Ascension vs Lucha Dragons
(referee: Jason Ayers)

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Result: Sin Cara pins Viktor after a swanton bomb
Time: 3:14

Match Thoughts
A quick but fun match. It was Lucha Dragons doing what they do best.


Stardust says that Zachariah Ryder will fall before Stardust.


Match 4
Zack Ryder vs Stardust
(referee: Mike Chioda)

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Result: Stardust wins via pinfall after Queen’s Crossbow
Time: 8:13 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Very good match! Nice counters, a few believable near falls, and good momentum shifts.


Show Impressions
The matches are fine, but the main event is definitely worth watching.

Match of the Night
Zack Ryder vs Stardust
Easily the best match of the night. It was the most competitive and had the best action by far.



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