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Raw Random Thoughts 1/18/10

Starting this week myself and Chris decided to log our random comments that we either say to ourselves or to each other while watching one of the weekly wrestling shows and forget to talk about on the show. So either way it’s on record and we hope you enjoy our first installment of Raw Random Thoughts.

For the record: my least favorite band on the planet is Nickelback

Hey! An Undertaker entrance I didn’t feel compelled to fast forward (no disrespect but I’d rather have the 10 minutes of free time except maybe once every quarter of the year)

This is just a thought in progress but they’re might be something to making all of the bigger alumni of the WWE class of ’97-’98 (Austin, Rock, Taker, DX, etc.) get involved with this Bret Hart ordeal.

Disrespectful jobber entrance of the week: Evan Bourne

Since when is Sheamus’ finisher called the Celtic cross?! Does Finlay approve?

Signspotting: Randy Always Whines (not a bad anagram for the show)

So the RAW main event is Heel vs Heel and Smackdown is Face vs Face, next week can we do Chuck vs Burn Notice and get Spy vs Spy?

Just when you think it will be Santino, along comes Carlito proving that predictability is not cool

Santino and Mark Henry = Crockett and Tub (sorry Mark)

If it’s the All American American American over the top rope challenge, shouldn’t the ring ropes have been Red, White and Blue?

So no U.S. title match at the Royal Rumble? BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Haha, the King called Randy Orton….Randy Savage. Planting seeds for the Hall of Fame are we?

Ted Dibiase on track to turn face at the Rumble. Take it to the bank, he will wrestle Cody Rhodes at the Elimination Chamber PPV and then wrestle Randy Orton at Wrestlemania.

I hate using the word ‘ugly’ and ‘divas’ in the same sentence but that tag match defined both of those things.

A few idiots chanting “You Can’t Wrestle” to Sheamus. You couldn’t have waited for Hornswaggle and Jon Heder to come out? Plus you obviously don’t watch ECW you tools and you were also probably in the bathroom during the divas tag match.

Funny that neither Don Johnson or Jon Heder are even on the poster to the movie they’re promoting. I would’ve preferred the ones ON the poster hosting myself.

Am I the only one who loves and looks forward to the Royal Rumble match each year but equally hates and does not look forward to all of the buildup to the match itself. Cena: “I’m Gonna Win”, Shawn: “No I’m Gonna WIN!”, HHH: “No I”M GONNA WIN”, Show: “NO, I”M GONNA WIN BECAUSE I’M A GIANT!!!!” ugh

The (Blue) Flame, does this stuff even make the entertainment magazine shows like ET and Extra?

The only thing i could think of in the main event is how many wrestling fans either Facebook’d or Twitter’d: “Watching Jon Heder wrestle a midget who can’t stop pointing at his crotch”