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TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Kickoff – Recap & Review

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs

Original Air Date: October 22, 2017
Event Date: October 22, 2017
aired live on the WWE Network

City: Minneapolis, MN
Venue: Target Center

Panel: Renee Young, Peter Rosenberg, David Otunga
Social Media Lounge: Charly Caruso
Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T
Ring Announcer: Mike Rome

Brand: RAW
Theme Song: “Legendary” by Welshly Arms


Renee Young announces that due to a “viral outbreak” taking Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt off the card, changes will be made tonight. The first change is that Kurt Angle will be taking Regns’ place in the 3-on-5 match.

Renee then asks The Miz (via video) how he feels about Angle being in his match. Miz is upset that Angle wants to steal Miz and Maryse’s spotlight. Nevertheless, Miz’s team will destroy Angle and the two members of The Shield that remain. Miz is looking forward to “demolishing” Angle with the weapons at ringside and will give him another “broken freakin’ neck.”

Renee also announes that AJ Styles will replace Bray Wyatt to take on Finn Balor tonight. The panel is excited ** and so am I **.

Charly Caruso chimes in from the Social Media Lounge and announces that Mickie James will be joining her later on the Kickoff show.

Asuka is coming to the RAW brand, tonight!

Kayla Braxton welcomes Emma. Emma is tired of all of Asuka’s vignettes.

Everyone on the panel picks Asuka to beat Emma tonight.

Jason Jordan is proud of his father steeping into tonight’s match, but Elias interrupts. He feels that tonight’s crowd needs a very special musical performance for the night to be truly historic. Angle agrees, if only to get Elias to leave. Jordan is annoyed.

The panel begins to discuss the Cruiserweight Title match when Drew Gulak walks up. He’s upset about being cut from tonight’s show. He feels that “the man” is holding him down. He will not be broken.

Buildup for Alexa vs Mickie.

Social Media Lounge
Mickie James joins Charly Caruso to answer some questions. She is excited about going for her seventh title, she isn’t worried about her age because there are plenty of men older than her on the roster, and she will give the title a “face-lift” after she wins it.

Rosenberg and Renee pick Mickie to win, but Otunga picks Alexa.

Renee asks AJ Styles (via video) how he feels about joining tonight’s show. Styles had to travel a lot to be here, but he’s as excited as the fans are. He’s happy to be the first to defeat “The Demon” on WWE TV.


Match 1
Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks
(referee: Darrick Moore)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Sasha Banks wins via submission with a Bank Statement
Time: 9:06 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. Alicia Fox brought all the personality in this one. She’s a lot of fun to to watch. I just wish they had mentioned that Darrick Moore was reffing this match, and he was the same person that Alicia Fox shoved the other night on RAW.

This match did feel like more of Sasha’s match thought. Sasha was strong early, then got beat up just so she could make a comeback. Ultimately, this felt like a way to keep Sasha Banks relevant while other women took the higher profile matches on the PPV.


Clips of Angle in preparation for tonight’s big match.

The panel again talks about being excited to see Kurt Angle return to the ring. The panel also talks to Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose via video. Rollins won’t reveal The Shield’s strategy though.


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