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205 Live Recap & Review – Episode 59

WWE 205 Live
Episode 59

Original Air Date: January 9 2018
Event Date: January 9, 2018 (aired live)

City: Birmingham, AL
Venue: Legacy Arena

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness
Ring Announcer: Greg Hamilton


Last night on RAW, Cedric Alexander defeated Enzo Amore by count out in a Cruiserweight Title match after Enzo couldn’t get back into the ring after injuring his ankle. Alexander won, but he didn’t win the title.

Intro Video
“Hail to the Crown” by CFO$ featuring From Ashes to New

Earlier today, Kalisto gives Gran Metalik a pep talk when TJP walks up. TJP reminds Metalik that he beat him in the Cruiserweight Classic. Kalisto tells TJP that he’s living in the past, but TJP says Kalisto and Metalik are just trying to catch up to the original Cruiserweight Champ.


Match 1
TJP vs Gran Metalik
(referee: Charles Robinson; watching in the back: Kalisto)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Gran Metalik wins via pinfall after a Metalik Driver
Time: 9:06

Match Thoughts
Very good match. TJP came into this match supremely confident, and with this being only his second match back after an extended absence, his confidence seemed justified. TJP was good, but Gran Metalik met TJP’s challenge with a surprisingly good effort of his own. This match had a very good flow to it and some great moves by both guys. There were a few times when I was sure the match was over, but it kept going. Overall a very good and surprising match.


Ring Area
After the match, a frustrated TJP yells at the crowd and messes up the announce table. He throws a chair, steals Nigel’s water, and turns over the ring steps. Charles Robinson tells TJP to leave as he continues to throw a tantrum as he walks away.

From RAW last night, Enzo Amore gets attended to by the medical staff and gets stitches.

Dasha Fuentes welcomes Enzo Amore. Enzo says his ankle is feeble and his eyebrow is scarred. But he’s tough. He’d be defending his title tonight, but the medical staff hasn’t cleared him. Tony Nese walks up and interrupts, saying he wants back in the Zo Train. He won’t be one of Enzo’s cronies though, he’ll be first in line behind Enzo. To prove he deserves to be there, Nese is going to beat and beat down Cedric Alexander tonight.

Ring Area
Jack Gallagher heads to the ring. He says Hideo Itami is not here tonight because he’s recovering from the beating Gallagher gave him last week. Even though Itami is hurt, the scales of justice are not even. Itami will find no sanctuary while The Brian Kendrick’s career is in jeopardy.

Hideo Itami is, in fact, here tonight, and he heads to the ring. Gallagher attempts to strike first, but Itami is ready for him. Itami blocks Gallagher’s umbrella and takes it from him. Gallagher escapes the ring before Itami can use the umbrella on him though.

Mike Rome asks Cedric Alexander if he’s disappointed after last night’s Cruiserweight Title match. Alexander is disappointed, but he knows he’ll get a rematch. Goldust walks up and tells Alexander he doesn’t want to see Alexander get taken advantage of. Amore will be at ringside tonight, but Alexander isn’t worried. He can handle it.

Ring Area
Enzo Amore heads to the ring and introduces


Match 2
Tony Nese vs Cedric Alexander
(referee: Danilo Anfibio; at ringside: Enzo Amore)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Cedric Alexander wins via pinfall with a small package
Time: 9:00

Match Thoughts
Good match. This was fairly even to start, but Tony Nese started to take over as the match went on. The finish of the match involved some shenanigans, but it worked well for the story. Although, what happened does make Cedric Alexander seem like a bit of a heel.


Ring Area
After the match, Cedric Alexander reveals that he faked hurting his ankle during the match. Enzo Amore get pissed. He yells at Alexander while Alexander just smiles. Alexander then attacks Enzo, kicking his legs out from under him and hitting him with a Lumbar Check. Alexander takes the Cruiserweight Title belt and places it under the head of Enzo Amore.


Show Impressions
Good show. The opening match was great, and the story of Tony Nese coming into the main story of Enzo and Cedric was interesting and well done.

Match of the Night
TJP vs Gran Metalik
Great action and nicely surprising. That’s kind of everything I want from a 205 Live match.



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