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ROH TV Recap & Review – Episode 331

Episode 331

Original Air Date: January 21, 2018
Event Date: December 16, 2017

City: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: 2300 Arena

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana
Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise


After last week’s show, Matt Taven attacked Dalton Castle and ranted about taking what he deserves. Taven intends to be the next ROH Champ.

Intro Video
“War Zone” by 615 Music


Match 1
ROH World Tag Team Title Match
The Dawgs vs Motor City Machine Guns (ROH Tag Champs)
(referee: Todd Sinclair; guest commentary: Cheeseburger)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Chris Sabin pins Will Ferrara after a double-team cradle driver
Time: 4:55 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. The Machine Guns controlled the majority of this match with some quick and well-timed double-team attacks. The Dawgs got a little offense, but not enough to ever really put the outcome of this match in question. This was a fine, if somewhat simple, title defense for MCMG.


Ring Area
After the match, The Briscoes congratulate the Machine Guns, but they say to enjoy the title while they can. The Briscoes will be taking those titles back soon.

SoCal Uncensored give Shane Taylor a check to ensure that no one interrupts them in the ring tonight. Taylor accepts, but he warns Christopher Daniels that if the check doesn’t clear, he’ll find Daniels. Daniels says he’s the smartest guy in the room. Too smart to bounce a check given to Shane Taylor.

Kenny King issues a warning to Silas Young, saying that he will get back on his golden throne.


Match 2
Josh “The Goods” Woods vs Jonathan Gresham
(referee: Paul Turner)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Jonathan Gresham wins via pinfall after La Magistral into a bridging pin
Time: 6:09 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. Even though Woods lost to Gresham last time they fought, he still didn’t seem to take Gresham seriously in this match. Woods did spend a portion of the match manhandling his smaller opponent, but Gresham was so fast that he would strike and tie up Woods before Woods could react. I particularly like the last minute or two of this match when Gresham started focusing himself more.


Caprice Coleman speaks from his pulpit. His guests this week are Coast to Coast. They have declared that they will break up if they lose their next match. They don’t want to split, but they can’t keep losing as a team. Coleman informs Coast to Coast that they will be facing War Machine. Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali don’t seem happy about that.

Ring Area
Cody heads to the ring. He stands before the crowd no longer ROH World Champ, and he admits that Dalton Castle was the better man in their match. He also demands a rematch.

The Kingdom comes out, and Matt Taven heads to the ring. Taven says Cody isn’t fooling him. Taven keeps getting looked over because of people like Cody. Cody was handed the title, but he lost it in a short time. Taven thinks Cody is a spoiled, bleach blond b****. Cody says his hair gets a bigger pop than Matt Taven ever will, and he offers his ring for Taven to kiss. Taven kisses the ring, then he kicks Cody in the groin.

Punishment Martinez is the end and the executioner.


Match 3
Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Dragon Lee & Titan vs Best Friends vs Young Bucks
(referee: Todd Sinclair)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Matt Jackson pins Titan after a Meltzer Driver
Time: 10:35 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Very good match. The pace was crazy fast, and people were flying all over the place. The Young Bucks seemed like they didn’t want to be outdone by the other teams, and they had a hand in almost everything that happened. Everyone combined their efforts for some great flying, great teamwork, and a great TV main event.


Ring Area
SoCal Uncensored rushes into the ring after the match and attacks the Young Bucks. Hangman Page runs into the ring with a chair and chases away SoCal Uncensored as the episode ends.


Show Impressions
Good show. The first two matches were fine and entertaining, and the main event was a lot of fun. There weren’t any great story moments in this episode, but the matches more than made up for any lacking in story progression.

Match of the Night
Triple Threat Tag Match
Tons of fun.



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